Wedding gifts from Wedding Cottage @ Subang Avenue

We were looking for wedding gifts ideas and stumbled into Wedding Cottage from a wedding forum. We have decided on the gift for our dinner guests (which I am not supposed to expose what the gift is), which is available on Wedding Cottage. The price for the item is tiered rate, where the more you purchase; the lower is the price per item. We also found out that it is located at Subang Avenue and it is not too far from our place.


We decided to pay a visit to Wedding Cottage on October 9. And, we actually placed a booking on that day itself where a deposit was paid. Veronica (the owner) placed a deadline that the items will be ready by November 21 (after knowing our wedding date). But, the items will usually be ready in two to three weeks. Thereafter, contacting was done via emails (as the item needs some design works).


Today, October 26, I received a sms that the item is ready. Given that we were nearby the area having lunch, we decided to drop by. We finally got our items. The quality, so far, is up to expectation (as we have not opened every single one to check on it). The service is definitely efficient, and we got the items way earlier than expected. We were told that it could be ready by next week in our latest email with Veronica.


Yes, I think Wedding Cottage is a reliable and recommended supplier of (wedding) gifts. Also, Veronica is super friendly in our dealings with her.  They also deal with corporate gifts, baby shower gifts and etc. I am not totally sure of “how cheap” they are, but the item that we wanted came in our budget and the way we wanted it. One setback could be they only receive cash delivery, where you can’t swipe your credit card for the payments. But, I think this is the case since they are small business and if credit card is allowed, merchant fee could probably eat a lot into their margins.

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