Snow wash and car vacuum @ Showru Café & Restaurant’s parking, Kelana Jaya

I only send my car for wash when I need to vacuum my car, or else, it would be just DIY wash or the car being sent to in-law’s house for the maid to wash. Given that I saw a little creature crawling in the car a week or two ago, I decided to send it for a vacuum. So, I went to the nearest snow wash and car vacuum, which is located at Showru Café & Restaurant’s parking, Kelana Jaya, after work.


It was drizzling when I sent the car there. And, thus I was the lone customer at that point of time. I winded down the window and asked the price for both car wash and vacuum, which they say RM 6. So, I just parked my car under the shade and stood beside the car. Five men actually cleaned my car. It took about 10 minutes.

When they were cleaning the car, I spoke to one of them, who told me that they open almost daily from 8 am to 9 pm. I think they are rather friendly.

On the car wash and vacuum, I am satisfied with the vacuum, as they actually took up almost everything in the car – vacuumed inside and out. However, they did not vacuum the car boot. As for the wash, well, I think it was just “too easy” for them given that my car is small. One setback is that I noticed that the tyre reams weren’t exactly that clean, as I spotted some stains still in between. While I can’t expect more from RM 6, other snow wash and car vacuum centers that I have been to would not have this left on. Well, for a fast wash and vacuum (especially) plus nearest to my home, I think I will be back there.


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