CLARINS Hydraquench Cream-Mask from follifolle

During my last facial appointment with Clarins, I asked my beauty therapist, Mandy on which mask is recommended for me. Well, she says that my skin is a little dehydrated and thus recommended me CLARINS Hydraquench Cream-Mask, which was RM 142. I was rather on the urge to buy, given that I am fine that Mandy can make a little commission from it since she was really nice to me. However, Mandy mentioned that it is not worth just getting this one product and it would be better if I could get products up to RM 350 in order be a free member of Clarins. I insisted that I wanted just the mask, but she seemed to “disallow” me from purchasing just one product– and asked me to try one other product first (which she gave me as sample). I indeed wanted the mask since our big day is approaching and thus needed to do frequent mask. Moreover, I don’t think I will get products up to RM 350 the next round.

So, I went home and started searching for this product over forum and online discount sites. I was a little reluctant to purchase from StrawberryNet this time around as it takes close to two weeks for the product to arrive (and the discount isn’t substantial for the wait). I searched for other alternatives, bearing in mind that StrawberryNet will be my last resort if I could not find an alternative.

I went into a forum and found that this user, called follifolle was selling the product at RM 100. Her email address was in the site, and thus I decided to email her ( She only responded to me two days later (Sunday, October 16) and mentioned that it is still available and going on RM 107 (inclusive of postage). Since the first response, her response was fast. I confirmed with her that the item is brand new and that she can send the item immediately after the payment is made. I asked for her bank accounts, and she gave me my preference bank choice (from two choices). After transferring her the money and sending her email to prompt her together with mailing details, she did responded that she received and will let me know the tracking number once delivered (I totally like this kind of “email received” reply). The day after she mailed out the item and gave me the tracking number (EM046274425MY). I received the item on Tuesday afternoon.

I would say it is a pleasant experience dealing with follifolle. The item is also very well packed without the need for me to remind her to do so. As spoken, it was also brand new, where the item was sealed (this remind if the item I bought from Cherie Bean Bean is really new as it wasn’t seal as like this item). She is a reliable seller. I guess she is also not really in the business of selling Clarins items but selling off her pre-loved items. She has few other items available, which aren’t suitable for me, or else, I think I will grab it!

The box was wrapped in giant paper

The box was wrapped in a cling foil

The product, as it is

The product was still sealed

I managed to save RM 35 from the purchase. Well, I think I should thank Mandy from stopping me from purchasing from her?

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