Zumba morning

Last week, Noelle just stood there watching us. And when we got home, I ‘lectured’ her – “instead of sulking face, why not join in the fun? You didn’t even want to try and how do you know if you are going to like it? The reality is no one of us will stop just because you are unhappy!”

She ‘got’ the message. Today she participated and happier to see her classmate, Alicia came. She even invited Alicia to the stage to Zumba with the instructor. I asked her ‘wasn’t it fun?’ And she nodded.

We brought along Nikki who eagerly wanted to follow – but she was like Noelle’s last week 🙄🙄 stood there and watching us; plus having fun with the jeh jeh – when she followed Noelle on the stage!

I myself had a great workout too; but slightly lose focus because Nikki was around.

Something really touched me – a mum came with the baby who she put on a stroller. But the baby cried. The PIBG committee actually volunteered to help her carry her baby while she continues Zumba. 🥰

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