Windsor bread

We made Windsor bread today.

Recipe adapted from:

I changed the ingredients slightly:

Video <here>

They helped shape the dough before taking nap.

Noelle helped with weighing the ingredients.

Focus on building life skills this school holiday 😁😁

(Since day in day out during school days, too rush and too tired – there are many things that it would be ‘faster’ if I did it myself; motto: Slow down (though I still ‘faster laaa’ to them🤭)

What we did in the morning:

– scratching parking ticket 🎫

– buying baking stuff

– walked to bank, diy shop and supermarket (no pic)

– making pizza 🍕 of the week

– preparing lunch (today’s pan fried salmon and mashed potato)

Noelle gets one small piece of salmon and two big scoops of mashed potato (actually I know her ‘required’ amount). Seeing her sisters having noodles, she told me she wanted noodles too. I say ‘can but until you finish off whatever in your plate first and then I will cook another round of noodles for you.’ Yes, she managed to finish off everything. When I confirm with her if she wants the extra noodle after that, she says ‘no’! So, I told her – ‘see, don’t request when you are not done with your food (that’s what usually hungry people do – cos hungrily greedy). Finish up all first and then only decide if you want more. Or else food will be wasted; or you got to force yourself down with the food!’

– doing the dishes

– weighing ingredients for our bakes

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