No2 turns 2.5 yo

Happy 2.5 yo to our Nikki Jeh Jeh aka Nikki Mei Mei or we fondly call ‘Mei Mei’ up till today! 😘😘

Sometimes I feel you are 4 yo! Speaking so fluently, nagging me day and night. You repeat after us – words, phrases and actions- so often. Though you outbeats your Jeh Jeh in your tantrum, you are much more independent! Your are cheekier, of course! You mimic and annoy your Jeh Jeh (on our behalf)! No one beats your ‘determination’ (aka stubbornness) – sometimes we walk off from you because of your tantrum (even in the mall) – you will NOT move until we pick you up! You are THE one who test our limits (and we officially bought a rotan because of you🙄😝)!

Proudest achievement, still – Unexpextedly, you weaned off your diaper without much accident (so far no wet beds but there are slight incidents on the floor – due mainly of lack of hands from papa/mama and because you stubbornly want to be on the toilet bowl rather than potty)!

Half more year to 3 year old! I know sometimes I ‘unfairly’ treated you like a big kid! I have to remind myself that – You are still a toddler!

This also marks my 5.5 years of breastfeeding! 😁😁

She still tandem nurse on a daily basis, but the frequency reduced a lot especially since she sleep through the night!

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