Putting a brave front 

Weather hot, I feel like I am about to be ‘down’ because of the weather, kefir grains is getting weak, kids want to drink coconut water – ok, ‘let’s go get coconut water’! They are excited too as they get to ‘go out’. (cranky Nikki makes me want to go out too)

So off we went to the coconut stall that we usually go to. Disappointedly it did not open. Remembering one of my mummy friends saying that there is one along the road to Evolve Mall, I tried luck and there it is – a coconut hut (stopping there is definitely not easy but they have a reserve spot for a customer at a time).

I usually don’t get down from the car with the usual stall. But since this is the first time, I went down and walked towards the stall – to be greeted by two ferocious dogs! 😱😱 The stall owner immediately shooed them off!
My immediate response was to walk/run away. Then I realized one was tied and another was ‘free’! 😨😨😨When I was near to my car, the dog and I were basically face-to-face! I was ‘oh shit!’ My leg immediately kicked slightly up (reflex😂)! I guess the dog saw my leg moved up and made a u-turn! 🙄🙄🙄Phew….that was really close! I then quickly went into the car and acted nothing happened (well, they – Noelle and Nikki – actually watched the whole scene from the car)! I winded down the window to order the coconut I want. 
Right after the man left to prepare my orders, I was still calming myself. Putting a heroic front, I opened a conversation with Noelle 😂😂 asking her what did she see. She saw nothing embarrassing of mama! 😝 (If those days I would probably scream or cry!)
Sometimes I do feel my life is more drama than TVB drama! 🙄🙄

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