Bidding goodbye to my cartoon car!Β 

It is just a kancil…..πŸ™„πŸ™„

But this is my first car that I have been driving since 18 years old (anyway I am just 21 😝). To many cars are liabilities (which is true), to me it has been an ‘asset’.
The car that….

…I drove to college and attend university 

…brought me to exam halls

…took my mum around to see clients 

…chauffeur me to visit my ex-boyfriend (now hubby πŸ˜‚)

…sent me to my formal jobs

…went along with me when I moved away from my parents’ house

…went around with me to do interviews for a magazine 

…brought me and Noelle to many short memorable grocery trips and playdates 

….and many more!

All in all, these will be memories, as we have sent it off TODAY – 10 June 2017! 
** Some have often asked why I couldn’t go around with the two girls in the car. It is because I am kind of particular that they go onto baby car seats (which the back of the car couldn’t support); hence Nikki has less opportunities with us in the car! 
The car was purchased at RM35,000 in cash (which I couldn’t thank more to my mum’s decision to put all my angpau monies into unit trust during the Asian financial crisis in 1997/1998 and had the investment monies doubled by 2000) and today it was sold out at RM3,500! (In between many repair costs, of course, but there are ‘maintenance’ for all cars)! So if you see this car on road, it is no longer me the owner! 
I have been a ‘loyal’ driver to kancil (which my hubby will tease ‘no money to change car, not loyal)! 😝😝😝 Soon I will be upgraded to my hubby’s old car (haha…I don’t drive the new car until I am comfortable with a bigger car)! 
Goodbye BFW9722! 

#throwback Thursday night!

Our ‘last’ ride together in mama’s car
We have been going out together since Noelle was 13mo+ in this car. So, it is much more emotional 😭 with her – from a tiny toddler who wants mama to hold her hand while driving to now (4y5m+) a kid who talk none stop when I am driving! 
So today when I get my weekday time off, I decided to give her a last ride in this car with me to the supermarket (usually I would rather go alone😝)!
It would be just memories soon….😭😭😭
Anyway tonight she behaved quite well in the supermarket, helping mama to weigh stuff and carry some things!

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