Ning’s Pasta


Recently, I received a private message from a lady offering to send me free pasta for my girl. Initially, I was excited about it. I asked more about the pasta and was told that the pasta was made  by flour, fresh veggie and water without any additives. It has high ratio of veggie so eating the pasta will give one the nutrients and fibers of veggie. But then I turned skeptical when she asked for my address and contact number plus her facebook profile picture was just a little hand playing piano (LOL!). It took me few days later that I replied her. I thanked her for the offer but told her truthfully I was skeptical because I barely know her. It was then she apologized for the “intimidating” private message and told be that it was for her business, where I could visit her business facebook: . So, I was then less skeptical.


So, the parcel was sent out yesterday and I received the first thing this morning (even before my hubby went to work). It was frozen! Wow, I did not know that they could do that. It was packed very nicely too. I immediately replied the lady I received it and she asked me to store them in the fridge. I think the lady was a follower of my girl, she knew that my girl just turned 19 months! I was indeed surprise to receive the greeting “Happy 19th month old!” That put a smile on my face!


Since my girl was not feeling too well today and I had remaining apple beet root soup, I thought of just cooking the pasta and served with the remaining soup. I added some mustard leaves and stir fried pork (marinated with orange). I just cooked the pasta in boiling water for less than 5 minutes before pouring the boiled soup with ingredients onto the pasta.


Before serving my girl, I tasted one of it. Well, it tastes like the usual flavoured noodles that I made for my girl. To my girl’s turn, she was “okay” with it – not totally like nor totally dislike. At one point, she was playing with it like she plays with ice cubes. In fact, when she saw me eating commercial egg noodles with the same soup – she wanted my noodle.


Overall, I like the shape of the pasta. But, I think I could make it myself if I had that special pasta making machine since it tasted similar to my noodles. But given that I don’t make extra of my flavour dough to be kept in the freezer, Ning Pasta that is stored in the freezer will come handy and better option to commercial pasta since it is homemade. It is an option for busy mummies who wish to serve their little ones homemade pasta.


Thank you again to the owner of Ning Pasta for offering my girl the homemade pasta for review purpose.


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