Growing up together….

While Nikki enjoys imitating Jeh Jeh, one strong value she holds (compared to Jeh jeh) is being compassionate! 

This can be seen whenever Nikki takes fruits from the fridge – she will think of taking for Jeh Jeh also! Besides that, if she sees mama ‘punishing’ Jeh Jeh, she will actually cry out ‘Jeh Jeh’! 
She is such a ‘little sweetie pie’, a nick Noelle gave Nikki! πŸ˜‚
This is in constrast with Noelle – though we have been noticing some improvement on her being a caring towards her little sister! 
I think this is because Nikki grows up together (day and night) with Noelle since her first day; while Noelle only started living with Nikki on her 3rd year of life! 
Anyway, hope you both will continue to have many good times together! 😘😘😘😘

Pizza and fries party at homeΒ 

Pizza πŸ• and 

fries 🍟 ‘party’ at home today 🀣
Unhealthy food made healthy by making from scratch (e.g. healthified’ bad for health food 🀣)
*** πŸ™„πŸ™„read a book that it is ‘not a good idea’ to do so…but I have to satisfy my own crave 🀣 At the end, everyone is happy because besides getting them involved, we had a sort of ‘free and easy’ lunch! I let them wander around during lunch!

Dough – bread flour, water, instant yeast, molasses sugar, unsalted butter, sea salt

Cabonara sauce – unsalted butter, flour, fresh milk, whipped cream, water, cheese, shimeji mushroom 

Other toppings – tomato, shredded cheeee

Video of putting the toppings <here>

Bake under 230 degree celcius for 20 minutes! 

I also made fries from scratch – πŸ₯” potato, rice flour and corn flour – deep fry 🀣 Noelle was particularly excited and asks ‘like McDonald?’ because she never tried them before and get to taste ‘French fries’ today (though she had yam fries and sweet potato fries of late).

Happy kids! 

Ending third pregnancy soon!Β 

Creating memories again…
It was a hot day β˜€οΈ but by the time we waited for Nikki to wake from nap and get over her crankiness – it turns cloudy. ⛅️ Noelle has been bugging to swim since after lunch – and I have to fulfill it before she ‘whines’ the whole evening. (In fact, when Nikki woke and looked for me, Noelle volunteered to off the air cond – indicating that Nikki should wake now!) So we went to swim – albeit not long – it started drizzling on our second lap; and heavy drops of rain β˜”οΈ by third lap. That didn’t matter but it created more ‘fun’ – Noelle was happy that it was raining, because she gets to run back in rain! Everyone enjoyed, at the end! 😁😁
Time spent with both of them will definitely reduced in weeks/ months to come! With most things sorted out, I am definitely spending more time with them, especially this week. 
The setback is I am feeling more and more lethargic and the ongoing morning sickness is making it worse. 
Began the morning today with a baddddd vomit despite eating the same kind of breakfast – one of the worst as it was bitter. And usually I am ok in the morning! πŸ˜”Thought everything was fine after that (and happily completed the task of renewing license and getting some groceries) but I was feeling extra lethargic after lunch. Gratefully Noelle said she is tired and wanted to nap at just 1pm! I knew she didn’t nap until 2pm (because I saw her walking in and out of the toilet) but I dozed off for 2 hours (I blame the new bed that provides more comfort sleeping 🀣)! 
Despite feeling hungry and thirsty, I can’t really take in anything – just make me feel more sick especially if it isn’t the right food/drink! If I had a choice, I also wish to eat ‘not so good for health’ food! Crave to cook but not crave to eat! 
Just need to endure this for couple more of days/weeks, I guess! 😫😫 
I can’t wait for my best food and best drink in 2017!
P/s: This is the only post I decided to ‘whine’ about my third pregnancy but it has nothing to say that I am ‘regretting’/seeking ‘sympathy’! And I definitely ‘hate’ getting pity like ‘poor thing’πŸ™„πŸ™„! Though I have been very ‘normal’, only the ‘closest’ know what I have been going through! ‘Enduring’ is the key! Life goes on….

In the spirit of not giving upΒ 

Today I spent almost the whole day fixing this shoe rack (intended to put their toys)! Also today is my ‘rest’ day, having spent the past few days cleaning around the home.

This is really the most lousy cheapo stuff from Lazada ever! πŸ˜’πŸ˜ͺπŸ™„πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ. It has been an ‘annoyance’ since the day it arrived! 🀣 I think we were ‘better off’ using the recyclable boxes as storage boxes!
I could give up easily and hubby even said that we can get a better, new one! BUT, if I do so (not because of ‘maruah) it is more like telling my kids I am giving up easily! πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ 
There’s a ‘price’ for not giving up easily! 🀣 time wastage and frustration, of course! 
They know I am annoyed by the rack. When I found that the rack came out again this morning, Noelle ‘cleverly’ pointed it to Nikki – indicating Nikki’s fault! πŸ™„πŸ™„ Then when I was fixing it, Noelle requested to watch YouTube, which I rejected. Instead of ‘whining’, she obediently just played with her toys (because she knows she will get m16 from me if she does whine)! When she played with some of her jingsaw puzzles; she was annoyed that she can’t fix it and asked me for help – I looked at her and asked ‘how about me? πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ who is helping me with this?’ That completely shut her! 🀐🀐🀣🀣 Nikki who was rampaging around the toys, also made u-turns seeing my frustrated face! And it was finally done before lunch! 
But not long after lunch, Nikki touched it and it came down again! πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ˜«πŸ˜€πŸ˜‘πŸ˜’ I was ‘mad’ but Nikki ‘calmed’ me down by taking out her palm – to ask me punish (whack) her hand! Her pure innocence just cracked me out! 🀣
Ding dong here and there – I finally managed to fix it when they were napping! I even hammered it and cellaphone taped it! It is stable for now; hopefully it will stay – or else, we are really get a new one! 

It is simple to give up in the beginning – at least not much effort put in. It is more difficult to give up midway- for the effort put in. And the most difficult to give up towards the end. But the end result when it came out right – it is a really a sweet satisfaction! 
So, will you ‘give up’ for less than RM20 item? 🀣

Stew pork with apple and onion

This is one pot meal served with rice, which my 19m4d enjoys eating that she finishes off the whole big serving given! It is a great recipe to save especially for my part time chef! 

I marinated pieces of the pork (mui yoke or tenderloin) with dash of liquid aminos, sesame oil and corn flour (for at least 10 minutes) before cooking!

First stir fry onion and a star anise (optional) in oil until fragrant! 

Add in the sliced apple and stir! 

Add in the marinated pork and water to cover! Let it stew about 10 minutes (stirring to make sure it doesn’t stick to the bottom).

19m4d finishes off her meal <video>

Happy World Breastfeeding Week 2017!

We welcome our ‘last’ month of my third pregnancy on this year’s world breastfeeding week! 

Breastfeeding during pregnancy has been a ‘breeze’ again (despite Nikki being younger) since she has been keeping nursing short, frequency of nursing dropped tremendously and she has been sleeping through nights. 
Colostrum has been coming in since last month (July), which means our 19m3d has been enjoying the precious drops for the second ‘time’! 


Breastfeeding will be on going for at least another two years until N3 weans off naturally! Tandem nursing will be ‘allowed’ if Nikki requests! 


PJ Festival by Sunway Serene

We actually saw the PJ Festival event banner along the roads and then its facebook marketing event two weeks back; so we decided to make a rsvp. 

Before we could rsvp for the Saturday’s (29 July), it has been already been filled up! So, we got into the Sunday spot.

It was totally free with many activities suitable for kids to adults – bouncy castle with giant slide, pottery, releasing fire lanterns to the revamped lake, terrarium workshop and few other games. 

Each rsvp could bring an adult with kids. In the welcome bag, we were also given two coupons each for free popcorns, ice creams and fun rolls!

We had a good two hours there! 

The ‘funfair’ (as termed by this 4y7m2d) gave her a memorable night! From the point we left the PJ festival to getting home, going to bed, waking up, having breakfast and lunch – she has been talking about it! 

We are ‘happy’ that we could create memories for her through simple, spontaneous fun! It was a free event and few roads away from our place! Sometimes it is about doing something out of routine!