Homemade eggless Apple teething biscuit

Recipe modified from homemade-baby-recipe.com

I diced one apple and add in some rolled oat to blend. Then remove to add in all purpose flour bit by bit until it forms s soft dough. Divide into smaller portion and then bake under preheated oven of 175 degree celcius for 30-45 minutes. Let it cool down and I am keeping it in the fridge.

Texture: hard but chewy

* not sure how long it will last 

Video <here>

Baked parsnip for 7m5d

It is not easy to find (a small size) parsnip. Fortunately I found and bought at Village Grocer in Atria Shopping Galery! 

Cut and baked for 20 minutes under 180 degree celcius.

7m5d seems accepting it but not as excited as when it was zucchini. Well, we skipped the day 3 of broccoli!

Video of her having the parsnip – taken in the afternoon <here>