End of school term 1 2020

The end of first term of 2020 and Noelle is officially a prefect in school for the year!

She is done with being a trainee prefect for this 2-3 months period. She’s pretty excited about receiving her official prefect badge (and cert), which has been postponed for a week plus! And finally she did today – on stage – with this year’s batch of prefects.

In this three months, I could see her growing independence and also self responsibility. Despite having to juggle duties and school/class work, there’s never a day she comes home to me claiming that she couldn’t complete her school work because of her duties. She always tell me that she completed it while there is still free time in class. This implies that Noelle has been able to time managed.

She has less time to mingle with her classmates but at the same time widen her network of friends – especially the ones from class duties and also the prefects. She no longer stress so much on who is her ‘best friend’; she is opened that her previous bffs have now gotten other bff. In short, she isn’t a possessive friend. Having said that, she has fewer stories about her friends.

I am a proud mum of Noelle Chou in this term. Most importantly, I am happy that she is happy in school! I am definitely less stressful compared to her first term last year! 🤭🤣

Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/f5vPTDjiHdx9ZtXN9

Promoted in P2

Promoted! 🤭🙄😆

She has been telling us about it yesterday. But she’s kinda ‘blur’ with her role! 🙄🤣 I told her to be more ‘seng mok’ from now onwards! 🙄🙄🙄

Anyway, congratulations my dear girl🥰 for being selected by your teachers! Hope the new role will give you more life skills! 😘😘

Life of a P2….

>> she also told me that her class teacher has arranged the class seating today; so no longer ‘stuck’ with same gender friends

Photo: <here>

Starting them young – zero waste

When my eldest was still a toddler, she enjoyed collecting toy eggs. As she grows, we have few dozens of toy eggs left in her play area. Seriously, I wanted to throw it away. 🤭

But the 7 year old told me that we can ‘recycle’ it as a ‘gift box’, which she did in several occasions. For example, gifting her teachers and friends her handmade loom band bracelets as school year ends!

A gift without extra ‘waste’ created – as she just drew on the eggs and fit the bracelet into it.




Noelle came home from school feeling so bored yesterday because they did nothing – except playing games in class! 🙄 Then she told me C asked her to make loom band for C and A. 🙄🙄 I told her that she can make for them if she wanted to and not because of C’s instruction. So, she told me that she really wanted to make. I also ‘poked’ her – why she isn’t making for W! 🤭😂 She says ‘because I only make for my best friends!’ 😮😮😆😆 W is not her best friend meh? 😂😂

P2 text books

Today Noelle receives her P2 text books.

From 1G, she is moving to 2G – maintained most of her classmates in the same class. Some few others were moved to another class (according to her, those ‘naughty’ ones 🙄🤣 – dun let me see her moved to another class in P3🤭😂). Her bffs will be in the same class! 🙄🙄

Since it is rainy evening, we spent the time recording, fixing, wrapping and labelling her ‘new’ books. Not being bias, but based on the books she brought home – generally, girls looked after the books better than boys! 🤭 (based on the past names at the back of the books)

Noelle told me today they went to their P2 class to collect the books and the teacher asked them to take the books themselves – I actually asked her why she chose the torn ones! 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄🤣 But only two were ‘bad’ and I helped fix them already.

When she came out from school today, she was basically dragging her bag! 🤣

P1’s Children Day

It is Children’s Day for Noelle’s primary school!

She is pretty excited about it since yesterday when she came home from school! I told her to bring a bag of grapes to share with her friends and teachers.

I decided to get a big pack of grapes for her to share instead of just packing for herself. Well, we can’t change people on healthy eating habits but I would like Noelle to be an example! They can consume junks but there should also be a balanced of healthy food – fruits for instead.

I did pay the RM10 for McDonald’s but at the end the parents couldn’t get the order; so they are getting canteen food instead! 🙄 She did ask me what she can eat and affirm me that she will choose those healthy food. Then I told her, it is up to her to decide but with a reminder ‘love your body’! 😁😁

I did volunteer myself to help but I told the parents that two toddlers will be tagging along. Then they told me, they have already gotten 3 parents to help out; therefore no need to trouble me! 🙄 actually I wanna kaypoh lor 🤭🤣


Noelle’s 2019 memories on her primary one 1G Children’s Day

Noelle came home very happy and told me that she enjoyed her day very much! Aside from class party, the school has arranged various performances before the party. She told me that some very interesting (especially fan dance) and some were boring that she nearly fell asleep! 🤣 After the class party (which initially I thought will last till school ends), the school has also arranged a magic show – which Noelle enjoyed so much! She even lost part of her voice because she shouted for encore! 🙄🤣

On her class party, few parents came to help and they distributed the canteen food. So, she actually has no say to what she eats (includes nuggets, fries, drummets, chicken slices and satay) – everyone eats equally (including the grapes she brought, two each 🤣 She told me that once she went into class to put her bag, she saw food on the class tables already and so she left the grapes next to the food).

One of the parents (who opened restaurant) actually brought a tray of fried mee hoon (was told from WhatsApp)- which Noelle said ‘dry noodles’ and she didn’t take. They were allowed to top up after they complete their serving. Noelle told me she topped up satay 😮😮 (‘panai’ choose the expensive one!) and also her grapes! 😁😁 There was also a cake (which Noelle said she has a chance to cut with Cikgu Noraini🤣 – she was next to teacher in the picture) but she didn’t eat the cake.

What she brought home? The parents did prepare party bags which include stationaries and two chocolates. She also brought home a small pack of milo which was distributed to everyone.

She told me she drank water. Her bff brought vitagen but she didn’t take too. I already told her that she need not bring home the extra grapes (if any) and also if she doesn’t want those snacks given (from WhatsApp pictures, there were some junks), leave it to her friends or whoever wants it (no need to bring home).

Growth in P1

At P1, Noelle may not be the best academically. Her spelling is ‘bad’. She can’t really speak Bahasa Malaysia nor Mandarin despite the exposure. Her drawings and colouring are probably on average. She could count though she may take a longer time. She is afraid of presenting herself alone on the stage (aka public speaking). She may not have found her true interest in studies.


She has learn to stand for herself. She has been learning to tell off her friends when she isn’t happy with things. For example, C didn’t allow her to do word search with another friend; Noelle didn’t bother C but continued. She told me that she has a right to be friend with anyone she wants even if her bff doesn’t like it.👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻

She isn’t easily influenced by her friends – she is rather discipline especially when it comes to eating junks and spending money.

>> Sometimes I wonder if being discipline stress her up. For example, I asked her to check with the bookshop on the price of a sports shirt which I wanted to get a new one for next year. She obediently did while her friends who followed her to bookshop actually bought stationeries (she didn’t because she didn’t bring money – and it is her choice not to bring money). I do wonder if she feel ‘bad’ that she is ‘different’ from her friends. Therefore, when she told me she will be a-bit sad if she doesn’t have McDonald’s when her friends will have – I think I should respect her decision to have it and stop nagging/ pressuring her on not having a set. She is big enough to make her decision and I shouldn’t make her guilty of feeling bad eating fast food anymore (the suicidal video that I shared actually gave me a bang on the head very much).

She has growing empathy for others. She once told me that her Mandarin class teacher reprimanded the boy who sat next to her (because he doesn’t know to do his activity given) and the boy teared a little. So, she helped the boy. And more recently (this week), when we went to the playground with Nikki bringing the scooter, one of the girls in the playground wanted to play with the scooter. Nikki initially reluctant but Noelle managed to persuade Nikki to do so- so that the girl can have a try on the scooter. Noelle is no longer a kid that refuses to share.

Most importantly, she has shown many persistency and consistency in thing she does – namely school work. She doesn’t need us to worry about her not completing her work. As such, I have been leaving her a lot on her own (school work).

> but this has also left me thinking if I have not done enough to help her improve 🤔🤭 But the most I did is still reading with her.

Anyway, we are happy because she is happy doing what she is happy. At this point of time, we wouldn’t be pressuring her to like doing things she would not have interest it. At most we do would to ask her ‘try’. She is still too young to force herself to like something which she doesn’t really like.

3 more weeks before P1 officially ends. I have no idea how P2 journey would be; but I am sure we will have a ‘growing’ Noelle again.

First academic award in primary school

Noelle’s first academic award 🥇

And she’s the champion for her class during Science week! 😁😁😁

Last week, Noelle told me that Cikgu Jega (Science teacher) has selected few of her friends including her for the awards. Initially she told me that the prize will be given on (this) Monday, but it did not happen (Monday morning she was so excited when she went school and didn’t have blues). ‘Probably next week,’ she said on (recent) Monday when I picked her up from school. Then I told her next Monday is public holiday wor🤭🙄!🤣

I actually didn’t totally ‘believe’ that she will be receiving an award – but didn’t want her to be disappointed and so I didn’t pay much attention to it.

Just now, she came out from school, happily showing me her trophy 🏆 (she hid it at the back at her – and ‘tadaaaaa’) and she exclaimed that ‘I am the champion!’ 🥰🥰🥰

I feel ‘teary’ 🤭(gam thong lor😆) – though just a small award for P1; but it seems like effort of having to bring three of them on a daily basis – really worth it! Also, though she just went to kindy for one year, it didn’t mean that she has to do a lot of catching up game – but in fact, doing well in school.

I am actually not sure what they do for Science week or how was this accorded. But I told her that her teacher probably has seen – she has focus in class, doing her homework, ability to take down messages on weekly basis and passing it to me and responsive to teacher. I even told her this award is better than mama’s lucky draw wins because this award shows her effort in school and mama’s win is more of ‘luck’ (though I got put effort, ok? 🤭😂)

Well done to my first baby! I am so proud of you – though just for P1 😆

Being a discipline kid

Nikki has been feverish since yesterday. And so she has been very cranky and indecisive on who she ‘wants’ aka papa and mama. 🙄 Anyway, hubby managed to put her nap and I put Norrah nap.

Next, I asked Noelle if she wants me to follow me to the saloon (those kind of quick cut – since I just want to trim my long hair; those were the days I will spend time and money on my hair – I got better things to do and buy🤭😆 in fact, my two girls’ haircut cost more than mine – RM25 per person compared to mine RM20) and we will drop by Mr DIY and supermarket;or stay at home to play with herself! She decided to follow. Before we set off, I also ‘paid’ her this week’s school allowance of RM10 – she didn’t ask for it on a daily basis. I asked if she wants to bring it in case she wants to get anything. 🙄🙄 (indirect permission for her to spend) She brought it along with her wallet.

So, we had our mini we time today for about an hour plus. Right after my hair done (which took only 15 minutes or less), we went to Mr DIY. I did asked if she wants/needs anything – even in the sense that I will get it for her (instead of her paying for herself). But she didn’t want anything. In fact, she thought of getting Nikki a mini locker (which Nikki has been wanting – because Nikki always take hers 🤭😆). I asked her ‘are you sure you don’t want anything?’ (because I was buying the locker for Nikki already) but she reaffirmed that she doesn’t want anything (I even lure her to look at the keychains while I queue at the cashier, she refuse to go🙄🤣). Ahhhh….I feel that she is such a discipline spender (at this point of time). Even at the supermarket, I did asked if she wanted anything or even yogurt, she asked me to get for Nikki instead. So, she actually just went out with me without getting anything in return.

I thought she might have regretted or felt bored just going out with me like that – no playground also! But when we arrived at our home parking, I asked if she enjoyed the mini outing and she told me ‘yes’! 😘😘😘 (it was a handsfree outing; I didn’t take any photo other than this one 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 at the saloon where she inserted the money for me😁😁 – it was a pure mother-daughter moment!) She also proudly tells me that she managed to save her money again since she never gotten anything from the outing.

Upon arriving at our condo unit door, the two little sisters already screaming for ‘jeh jeh’! 😂😂 And Noelle immediately told Nikki ‘see what we got for you!!! Something you wanted a lot!’ 😁😁😁 such precious moment!

>>>On being ‘discipline’ – when I picked her up on Friday, she came out holding two mentos- saying that her Maths teacher who is leaving the school gave her. I am very happy and proud that she still shows me whatever (candies) given by her teachers or friends; and doesn’t consume it behind my back (curi makan). Immediately after showing me, I asked if she wants to give to the uncle guard of her school, and she did! 😁😁 There was once also she told me that she helped the headmistress carries some boxes of chocolates from car to the school office. At the end, the headmistress gave them a chocolate each. She told me she gave it to C because she wanted it a lot.

P1 friendship

Noelle: Mum, C says this is for YOU!

Me: 😮😮😮Me? 🤭🤭🤭

Noelle: Yes

Me: She drew at home or in school?

Noelle: in school. She says that is me and you.

Me: 😮😮 ooo…then let her know I say ‘thank you’ k?

Noelle: 😊😊ok

Then we talked about the details in the drawing like the hills, sun, fence and flowers) and how Noelle can actually learn from C. But at the same time, (not to let Noelle down) I praised that Noelle’s human figurine looks better (in particular the eyes).

Picture <here>

😂😂😂 first time receiving a drawing which is drawn by someone other than my own daughter

– –

Noelle and C have developed a ‘good’ friendship to the extent Noelle telling us ‘C wants to come for sleepover!’ 🙄🙄 Not one time she mentioned, but twice and different time interval (after all the off days they didn’t meet one another). We didn’t brush her off – didn’t reject nor accept – but asked her to think/plan – where is her friend going to sleep? Whether her friends’ parents aware? What if C cries at night – what do we do? The key is ‘to think/plan’ (because I know it is UNLIKELY to happen 🤭😆). I even asked why not she go over C’s house for sleepover instead – she herself says she doesn’t want! 🙄🙄 Sleepover isn’t possible for now, but I don’t mind if her friend come over to play (but I didn’t tell her the option – let her figure out herself) 🤣

End of first half of Term 2 P1

School is out! We have completed the first half of the second term! In this term –

Noelle is a happier self, mainly because she ‘made’ a best friend who also treats her as best friend. 🥰

There is no money bullying! Only once did the friend asked her for money and also once when Noelle brought a new purse that the friend wanted to ‘see’ what’s inside – both incidents, Noelle was able to stand on her own grounds by saying ‘no’! It was either being kind hearted or forgetful that Noelle did not report these incidences to the class teacher. 🙄

We stopped going for Zumba all together. She lost her momentum for it and I started doing it on a daily basis at home. 😛

Noelle had her first jab in school. And it was the first time she greeted me with a crying face when I picked her from school. Thinking of it, make my heart sink again. 😞

Missing colour pencils and erasers are still happening. 😒 She knows that they are missing and hence stop counting how many left in her pencil box (in front of me). During our wait for report card, I actually noticed how Noelle likes to scatter her pencils on the table – I think it is her habit of having bunch of pencils around and then choose amongst them (being ‘artist’, I guess). And her friends – no matter how far they sit (mostly boys🤭), come around to ‘borrow’. I don’t think she even know who took and who return (I did see some of them came back to return ). I had to remind her to only borrow to those friends in her group (meaning sitting around her). I even asked her ‘your friends’ parents never buy them stationeries meh?😒’ And she is able to empathise that her friends REALLY don’t have! This week, I was at the verge 🤭 I tied her eraser to her pencil box! 🙄🙄

Besides report card day, we also attended her school carnival this term. Noelle and sisters with her playmate had great fun at the carnival while I get the experience of selling rice.

Noelle maintains her self discipline in saving money. She resisted many buying opportunities. I am glad that she adheres to my advice.

Noelle still borrows book from the school library. But two weeks ago, when she returned the book – instead of giving to the librarian, she placed it into the library book shelf. The teacher was lenient enough that she told Noelle to look into the book shelves and return the book onto the counter (to be recorded into the library system) before she can borrow again. However, after several attempt with C’s help, she failed. Yesterday she actually told me that she gave up and doesn’t want to go to the library anymore. I gave her a good ‘talk’ – I told her it is not a matter of whether she wants to go to the library or not; it is about responsibility. Even if she doesn’t find it, she needs to find out if there’s a fine to it. In other words, she needs to tell the librarian/ teacher that she cannot find the book and what she can do about it. I actually reminded her this morning. I expected her to still search for the book – but she told me that she bravely told Teacher A – she couldn’t find the book. In return, Teacher A told her it is ‘ok’ and she can borrow book as usual. I am actually kind of proud that she braves herself to tell the teacher – in fact, I praised her for bravely telling the truth. But she told me ‘not scary also!’🙄🙄

Yeah, guess that’s about it, in this first half of second term. Can’t believe how time flies and she will soon go to Primary 2 – no longer the super junior in school!