Growing upper molar

#throwback yesterday

After we came home from bus ride, Noelle told me her tooth is aching! 🙄 At first she says she bumped on something – so, it was ‘outside’ of her cheek. I told her just go nap and it would be fine. However, after an hour nap, she was rolling on her bed and ‘crying’ pain. She woke up and I checked – I think it was a new molar growing. I don’t think it was a big issue because she recently had a tooth check in school; if there was a problem, the nurse would have identified.

I suggested that she suck on an ice (WRONG move actually). The pain was on and off (I think). At one point, she felt better and ate some toast bread. Then I gave her very cold honey grapefruit drink (WRONG move). After that drink, she was basically in pain and it was before our dinner.

She was still in pain during dinner. It was then I started googling and found NO cold or hot water; but just cold compress on the part where it is painful. Also, rinse with salt warm water. But seeing her in pain and also thinking how hubby recently suffered from his toothache, I told her let’s go to the nearest dentist (the dental clinic -iCare at Paradigm mall came into my mind because clinics in shopping mall are usually open even on public holiday) just to check.

Initially, she was reluctant – then I told her what if the pain go throughout the night. I told her fever, flu and cough – I can still help relieve her; but I can’t do anything with toothache. Finally, she agreed (and also hubby checked if the dentist was in – through a call) but she wanted me to go with her instead of papa. So, off we went (after grabbing her mykid from drawer) and I left the other two girls with papa. It was already 7sth, so we don’t have much time left.

Pretty quick check – true enough, her upper molar is growing and that gave some pressure to her gums. This would be a temporary pain for few days or so. Nothing could be done and the dentist suggest rinsing with warm salt water. The dentist wanted to make her feel better and said ‘you did a good job!’. The check was free.

After we left, Noelle was relief and started to speak – now she was explaining to me what is happening (what the dentist just said). In fact, she told me she touched something in there (her growing molar) which she thought was a food stuck! 🙄🙄 The pain was on and off – she didn’t like the salt water rinse. Before she went to bed, I gave her some ibuprofen for her to relief pain and so that she can sleep. And last night, she decided to sleep with me (baby mode). Hopefully the pain goes off after she wakes up.

Summary and reminder to myself:

For toothache, never go on very cold or very hot food/water. Cold compress from outside.

And, run to the nearest dentist that is located in shopping mall, in emergency (during public holiday and when you can’t find your normal dentist)

First immunisation in school

Day 104:

Recess – Air fried fish balls + chicken, mushroom and cheese balls + donut peach 🍑 + ketchup and thousand island

Lunch – fried rice + chicken, mushroom and cheese balls

> she enjoys the donut peach a lot yesterday (saying that it was so fragrant, and when she bites it – seems like apple, but it was soft) and I was lazy to cut fruits; so a repeat of donut peach 🤣

Today is THE day that she will be getting her first immunisation in school, and without us around. She is aware of it! 🙄 Dutifully told her , though initially wanted to give her a ‘surprise’ (because we are afraid she chickens out🤭). When I told her, she was 😨😑🙄😓😟🥺 mode. We refrain from talking about the topic again. 🤭🙄

Anyway, I think Noelle is both nervous and some how ‘excited’. Nearly had the jab yesterday- they queued to the library for the check up by nurse. So, it is definitely TODAY! I hope she braves this through! 😣😣😣

>> back from school

Finally got her jab, both sides of her arm!

Greeted with a hampao face when I picked her up 🙄🙄🤣🤣 (First to come out with a crying face!)

Knowing her, I anticipated this will happen for the past three days 🙄🙄 and prepared myself to console her. (Papa even said wont happen wor🙄🙄).

But not sure if it is THAT painful or what, because in between I saw her cheekily smiling! 🙄🙄 Most probably want to tey-pau only. Moreover most of her girl-friends cried, so ‘joint force’ to cry together 🙄🙄 According to her, boys didn’t cry wor…


Goodbye third baby tooth

Third tooth 🦷 came out today

She came out excitedly to show me her third tooth has fallen out. She was explaining that it happened during the last subject of the day. She was ‘rocking’ the tooth until it came out by its own- fell off onto her chair. Only Abram (the boy beside her knew it, so mama is the second to know). She even asked permission from teacher to gargle her mouth in toilet.

She told me to keep her tooth for her in my purse while she ate her lunch in car. As soon as we arrived home, she asked me for the tooth. She excitedly wanted to wash it before keeping it. She went into the toilet to wash it but came out crying 😭 ‘my tooth fell into the wash basin’. How tragic. I looked at the basin! 😣😣 I didn’t know what to do first but to give her a hug – telling her that ‘it is ok’ and that’s when all her tears came rolling down. 💔 💔 💔

Quick thinking, I look into the basin hole again. 🤔 Then pull out the ceramic thingy that is covering the sink drain. Tried to unscrew the sink cover. And dig dig dig 🤮 – a lot of hairline and ‘don’t know the hubby’s daily phlegm there onot 🤢’ (only he spit his phlegm there ok? 😒)- alas! I managed to find it. Then I put the little tooth into the cup with water and handed it to Noelle! Phew! Super hero in less than 5 minute! 😆😆😆

Seriously, luckily found it – I was also damn sad when she lost it at first, coupled with her crying! The moment was devastating- losing something that followed you in all these years in split of second! And when I found it, the relief was ‘speechless’ – 🤭🤣

– –

Her third tooth that came out isn’t the top tooth (like most kids) but the bottom tooth – which is beside the second tooth that came out a month ago. Actually the third tooth started to hurt right after the second one came out and then rocked for a month and more – because the growing second tooth is unaligned and I think it was pushing the third baby tooth. I wanted to bring her to dentist but she refused. So I made her promise that she will not ‘blame’ me if she has ugly set of teeth in the future🙄🙄 – while I was hoping that ‘let the tooth nature takes pace on its own’.

Ok, now hopefully the tooth will align nicely…


Milestone: Goodbye to her first baby tooth 🦷 6y2m18d

>> officially ‘Toothless’ the dragon 😂😂

On last Monday (11 March 2019) morning while eating breakfast, Noelle rushed to the toilet and looked at the mirror. I asked her why and she told me her tooth hurts!🙄🙄 I quickly check to see if her tooth was wobbly or any new teeth growing from the back (cos I saw few kids had that)! Nothing obvious. Papa mentioned that if it continues to hurt, we will bring her to the dentist! She instantly shook her head, indicating ‘don’t want’! I then gave her cold water to drink (sort of to numb of the pain). She went to school after that.

<in the mean time, Gan cheong mama SOS Rachel Ong 😂 because the week before Heidi lost her first tooth. I tried understanding how the process is like – since I can’t remember mine ~ so generally, it hurts first and then turn wobbly before it falls out by itself😮>

Right after I picked her up from school, Noelle told me her tooth is already wobbly. Instead of fear, she was telling me in an excited way! 🙄🤣 She told me that she discovered that her tooth was wobbly in the class when her tongue pushed the tooth! 😆 And it was painful to eat her pear – so she just ate one pear; eating the cake and egg was fine. I continued to remind her (the book that we read) that it is because the BIG tooth is coming out and thus it is pushing out the baby tooth out! And soon the wobbly tooth will come out – she can then feel a space with her tongue.

The reason that she was calmer than in the morning is because two of her friends also have wobbly tooth! 😂 ok la, got teman!

I told her to bite food from the other side of the mouth if she feels hurt. <In fact, I actually told her to eat harder fruits like apple and pear to fasten the process! 🤭😂 But she didn’t get what I mean>

Then she started questioning me ‘mama, I ate healthy food also my teeth will drop off!’ 🤔🤔 I reminded her – because these are her baby teeth and a new set of teeth will grow. If she doesn’t eat healthily and not clean her mouth thoroughly on a daily basis, the teeth will decay way faster before the BIG teeth grow. So, she might have to go toothless for a longer period compared to if the teeth were well taken care of – and only falls out when it is time.

On that evening, we read the book ‘my tooth is about to fall!’ again. She has accepted the fact that her tooth will be falling off after all.

So, one week passed – she was rather unbothered by her wobbly tooth.

When we picked her up just now, the first thing she showed and told me was – her tooth came out! 😂 Actually when she was running over with her smiling face – I could see a little gap in between. 🤭🤣 She was ‘cool’ about it – and she told me it was so wobbly that she decided to pull it out. It happened after recess and she didn’t even tell her friend or teacher about it. 😆😆

I kept the tooth for her while she ate her lunch. On her first bite and chew, she said ‘the rice can go through my hole!’ 🤣🤣

I returned her tooth when we came home and she washed it – kept it in a box with compartments, which I gave her few weeks back. Ya, no tooth fairy tonight…just like no Santa Claus 😁😁

6th month jab at Klinik Kesihatan

Day 4 CNY- kena cucuk tai bei!

Smaller crowd, new system again, we have been reassigned to another zone. For our zone, we were first baby! But still have to wait…Arrived there 7am and ended approximately 840am; just in time to get some groceries before heading home – and enjoy the rest of the last day off with the others!

Norrah weighs 7.6kg at 6m2d

(0.1kg lighter than Nikki at same age and 1kg heavier than Noelle)

At her usual kacau and blow bubbles mode – napped for 5 min before our turn!

Next visit in May 2018!

Ear infection again?

Play die me….

….since midnight. Nikki and Norrah taking turns to wake up for nursing. Then Noelle screaming in pain. Initially thought her tooth ache, but after giving her ice water, she realized is her ear drums again (but the left side this time). I gave her ibuprofen to soothe her. She slept back and woke again later to go to loo. Then she wanted mama to hug and Nikki wanted mama also- switched bed again!Ding dong I think I woke up more than 10 times yesterday.

She was ready to go school. But before hubby going off with her, she suddenly says she wants mama plus showing signs that her ear drum is pain again (at one point she even scared me off when she says she can’t hear me). I told her I will send her to paed at 9 am and drop her off to school if she is ok. Then I hurriedly shower myself and Nikki (Norrah was showered already). Noelle suddenly says she want to poo😰. She pooed while I get ready whatever we needed including snacks in car. After that we left for the paed. The paed only arrived at 930,examined her – lungs clear, no fever, no sore throat but only normal runny nose. He wanted to look at the left ear drum but was blocked by ear wax. He thought of digging it out (in the pic) but the ear wax was stuck onto the ear drums. Noelle screamed out and then cried on the point the paed stopped digging. He diagnosed it as ear infection and prescribed antibiotic. I fed Noelle the medication there itself as she still wanted to go school.

She did continue her baby/pity cry as we walked to the car. I calmed her by patting her back and hugging her. Nikki acted maturely by helping me carry the bottle of medication. It was still jam as we drove to her school. Noelle made a fuss that I forgotten to pass her a hanky. She wanted me to drive home to pick a hanky before driving her to school!😒it was a clear no and if I were to drive home then she won’t be going school today. I even suggested to her to take Norrah’s bib! 🙄She continued fussing around and I suddenly remembered that I did pack a hanky in her extra set of clothes to school. Thank God I did! So I dropped her to school where she looks very normal. I also informed the teacher about her ear drum pain! (Hubby actually called up the principal that Noelle will be entering school later than usual)

After this round of recovery, guess we need to bring her see a proper ear specialist!

Our monthly ‘date’ – 5th month check up at Klinik Kesihatan

2 more days to 5 month old; today she weighs 6.8kg (officially no longer the smallest baby of 3; Noelle was 6.6kg at 6 mo)

Klinik Kesihatan changed their system slightly. We no longer press and clip our numbers but stack the book. Of course, my eye “look look and see see” if anyone cut queue by stacking the books earlier!😝 Ok la, fair…no one dare to! I got number 2 from our area code! But the calling system 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ doesn’t take into account who comes first. They followed area codes – so 2 and 5 series get the calling first before 7 series!

I ‘impatiently waited patiently’! We no longer see the nurse in the room but near the weighing area! Then we waited a while in front of the immunization room. The nurse sent us to the dr today after seeing Norrah’s bed bugs bites (again)! Dr diagnose as ‘allergy to environment’ 🙄🙄 -no medication require!

It was a longer wait compared to previous months despite getting number 2! Can’t wait the end of monthly visit – which is next month. We will have a half year break then!

This time they have put more seats outside (but still cramp). And they put sign that strollers not allowed into the weighing area (which is great as people seem to crowd up the area despite not their turn). Actually we do see familiar faces on monthly basis – cos we are given the same one month dates!

Hubby woke, got ready and sent Noelle to school together with Nikki. He ain’t taking off -and I arrived home just in time for him to go to work! Nikki was crying when I arrived her – calm her down by nursing her. Then both Norrah and Nikki took turn to bath! Now putting Norrah to nap while Nikki is in the living room ‘playing’ herself! We gonna have early lunch after this!

3rd month check up at Klinik Kesihatan

Our ‘we time’ today at the clinics for monthly check up and jabs!

We arrived quite early today before 7am and people already queuing. The elderlies were more organized on the queue compared to the mummies and child queue!🙄 I have forgotten the zone queue – took two numbers then check back my old number; luckily I kept the photo in my blog! So, we are on the 7 series; and we got number 5!

I would say today was kind of fast – our time in Klinik Kesihatan ends at 9am for us! There were a lot trainee nurses today too! I went to tapau lunch for hubby (on half day off to look after the other two) and myself! Then I went home to go to loo and pass him the food.

Since still early, I brought Norrah again to our private paed for rota virus oral administration and pneumococcal jab. Noelle didn’t want to follow; so I went alone with Norrah! Everything ends around 11am – came home to cook cheese spaghetti for the girls (I have pressure cooked watercress chicken soup in the morning)!

Norrah is so ‘busy body’ now – looking around, laughing and smiling to people; which also means I have to ‘entertain’ her (and people🙄)! So, she is pretty tired now. Hope she will take a long nap so I can settle my stuff!

Norrah @ 3m3d, 5.7kg

Norrah’s second month jab at Klinik Kesihatan 

We decided that I go alone with Norrah while the two kids stay at home with the half day ‘stay at home dad’! This is after confirmation from some mummies that I don’t have to do anymore checking (so I can handle Norrah myself). 
We left early with crying Nikki. Fortunately we didn’t wait any longer (to soothe Nikki) as the queue at Klinik Kesihatan was already building up when I arrived there. We were number 9 in our area code! They only started the checkings at sharp 8am.

Seriously, I have no idea how the system works – the numbers from different area and timing were all jumping all around. It not only takes patience to wait but heart beating (like waiting for the lotto numbers to appear). And it is not once but thrice for this second round of jab- first being weighing, second to see nurse and jab and finally to see doctor. Seeing doctor is only this round, I guess! The seats are really hot seats; once standing, they are up for grab (no joke! I was sitting at the corner, just bend my body and lift my butt up to check on the ticking numbers – my seat gone! 🙄) Certainly the right decision to leave the two girls at home! 

Anyway, the nurses and doctor are nice! This time they did the alcohol swab before injecting! Norrah cried a tiny bit! Yes, it is still free of charge (errr.. well, we paid taxes)! 
I nursed Norrah in the car before we left to tahpau lunch for me and hubby. Then I dropped by at sundry shop to get the seaweed noodles which Noelle has been requesting for! I cooked it immediately with leftover soup when I returned and she ate 3 pieces of the noodles. Nikki also has it without fuss! 
We will repeat the process in the next few months!

Noelle’s first ear drum infection

Crazy Monday morning to begin the week with 

I was expecting a crazy chicken poxy day but Noelle woke up with ‘ear pain’. I thought it was her usual ear wax removing thing and also as per advice from ear specialist to drop few drips of olive oil -it didn’t get any better. She was crying the whole morning. Following mama instinct, I think I should bring her to the paed if the pain doesn’t go off. I even tried ice pack as suggested by a Michelle Tai. It works initially but then the pain came back. 

I asked Noelle if she wants to see the dr. Yes was the answer but I got to get ready Norrah – nurse and bath (while Noelle was crying along the way). After I was done with Norrah, Nikki cried and said she wanted to poo! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ so, I have to ask Noelle to wait (crying continues). It took about 20 minutes to settle Nikki by which Noelle fell asleep – so thought of letting her sleep until she wakes and the pain might go off! Not even 5 minutes, she woke and screamed ‘I want to go to hospital!’

I have to admit I was a little skeptical of her. After several assurance by her (I questioned her), I decided to go! And hubby hasn’t place the new car seat into the myvi which he has just brought to wash and vacuum yesterday! 🤦🏻‍♀️ But I decided to go, asking Noelle to sit still (which she did). So we went to the paed (luckily not too far from our place).

Fortunately we went. She has ear drum infection (though no sore throat). Dr showed me the reddish ear drum which supposed to be white. The dr says her immune is down due to chicken pox and hence infection comes easily. She has to be on antibiotics for 4 days (this is her first antibiotic after more than 3 years!) 
I nursed Norrah before we left the clinic. We got home and fortunately my mum tapau for us her homecooked soup and fish yesterday – so we just ate them with mee suah (I haven’t have time to do anything this morning)! Noelle fed herself the medicine (macam so desperate eat medicine only 🙄)! 
Nikki slept while I was tandem nursing. So she just slept on the sofa and I waited for Norrah to sleep before putting her into the cot. Noelle saw Nikki sleeping on the sofa and put her blanket on Nikki (while I was having lunch). Noelle was feeling better with the ibuprofen which serves as ‘pain killer’ and started to request that I cut pear for her to eat. Thereafter she napped! 

What a morning! 
I didn’t bother to inform hubby when everything was happening as he did told me he was in the midst of conducting training. I think I handled everything calmly. I only informed him after seeing the paed! 
This morning Nicole Lee was asking about my girls condition when everything was happening- so she was aware of the happenings and even offered to come over during her lunch time to send us to the paed (thank you, I am very touched)! But it was like an immediate ‘do or die’ because of Noelle’s wailing 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ macam I abuse her! 
Before we set off, I reminded them not to run about but follow carefully! Noelle even held Nikki’s hand. Putting three in the car – put Norrah into carrier without belt first. Then Nikki to her car seat (before she walks/runs away) with her belt (while asking Noelle to stand next to me). Next put Noelle to her seat and belt her. Finally belt Norrah before starting the car! 🙄
When I entered the paed’s room (fortunately no long wait), he immediately coined me ‘super woman’ 😂😂😂 for bringing all three alone!

Nikki’s day 7 and Noelle’s day 3 chicken pox

Nikki’s chickenpox is starting to dry up; the first one which we spotted actually peeled off midday! 

Neem leaves water really works miraculously! Yesterday before sleep, I wiped Noelle’s affected area with it and apply the cream. Compared to the previous nights, she actually slept through without crying/wailing (but then woke with an ear infection🙄). Hers appear very reddish today. I didn’t spot any new ones! Anyway, she is back to her usual self after her nap! 
Actually this was told by the paed during our first visit for Nikki’s chicken pox – it didn’t make sense at first until a friend related the same incident; plus the paed again repeated the same thing today – so sharing here: apparently newborn has their own immunity plus the immunity from their mummies (who already had chicken pox before) and thus more likely to be immune from chicken pox! So far no reaction from Norrah (cross fingers) and we will see how it goes! Anyway, she has a little cough ‘spread around’ by papa and Noelle! 😒