Returning customer to Seng SKH Furniture @ Jalan SS 25/23, Taman Plaza, PJ

We are more than happy to return to Seng SKH Furniture shop when we need to get a new mattress. This time around because of hubby’s persistent backache, we have decided to go for a better quality mattress. We budgeted around RM 1,500 for the new mattress.


So, we went to the shop on an evening (Feb 1, 2012). We were entertained by its lady boss, who explained to us the different quality of mattresses, after us explaining to her our needs. There were basically three different kinds that she explained to us, with three different range of prices. She even allowed hubby to test on the sample mattresses that were displayed in the shop. After detailing the different types of mattresses, she assures us that the choice is ours.


Finally, we decided to get the queen size Vono ErgoBed 1200 with latex and Pocketed INTALOK Spring 1200 Mattress, which was priced at RM 1,490. After bargaining, she finally quoted us at RM 1,450. In addition, this includes two anti dustmite pillows (L) and one mattress protector. The lady says that normally it will be impossible for us to get the free pillows and mattress protector from other furniture shop if the discounted price is given. [A survey in other websites shows that the original price of this set is RM 1,599].


We paid a RM 100 deposit and set a time for them to deliver the mattress, which was the next evening (7.30pm). Come the next day, at sharp 7.30pm, the lady ring up to find if we have return from work and if they can deliver the mattress. After half an hour, they arrived.


They carried the mattress to our room, helped us move the old mattress to the next room, removed the plastic from the new mattress and placed the new mattress upright to the position we wanted. The two pillows were given to us, but they forgotten to bring along the mattress protector. The man assured us that we can go to his shop to get the mattress protector when we are free.

Then, we wanted to remove the old furniture, which Mary Anne has failed to collect despite contacting her more than five months. We are truly fed up of waiting for her to return our call. We no longer want the furniture to be left in the store room, as we want to arrange more stuff in the room. We decided to ask them to take away the furniture. We expect to pay them, and they charge us RM 30, since there were many pieces and the woods are heavy.


Hubby managed to drop by at the furniture shop the next day (which was today), and he has collected the mattress protected, as promised.

Overall, we are again a satisfied customer of Seng SKH Furniture. We definitely have a preference to deal with a furniture business, which is a family business, rather than those more commercial ones. We will likely to return to this furniture shop when we want to get more/ new furniture.

Electrolux Blender EBR 2601 from Jintex Electronics

After the second satisfactory purchased from Jintex Electronics, we have actually targeted to purchase a blender from them. I have browsed through their website and found the model I wanted, which is EBR 2600, which priced at RM 220.

I actually wanted to purchase it after I received an annual bonus, but the Chinese New Year angpaus received have enabled us to purchase it faster than expected. So, we contacted Kevin from Jintex via sms on the first day they re-open for business after their break. However, there wasn’t any reply. Hubby decided to give them a ring, and was told that the model EBR 2600 has now been replaced by EBR 2601. There was stock and we went to its shop since we were nearby.

At the shop, we were entertained by the lady boss (Christine). We were shown few models and asked about the functions that we wanted. Given that we want to snow blend, she recommended us the model EBR 2601, which is a glass blender. It was going out at RM 198. We tested the item (which they took from their store room) and paid it on the spot. This time around, I did not ask for any free gift, and they did not offer me any. They sent the warranty card for me to Electrolux and told me to keep the warranty card together with the receipt given by them. We were told to bring back the receipt and warranty card to their shop, if there’s any problem. The warranty given is 2 years.

It was a day later Kevin replied my sms saying that the blender EBR 2601 is going out at RM 198.

In short, to check on the stock availability of the items that you want and if urgently wanted, it is best to give a direct call to them, rather than sending a sms.

Electrolux Juice Extractor from Jintex Electronics


My health has taken a toll. Taking more vitamins is no longer an option but a necessity. I have been pondering into getting a juice extractor for the longest time, and has decided to do so – as it has become necessary for me to take more fruit/ fruit juices.


We were looking for juice extractors from many malls since last weekend. But, finally put an eye on this model Electrolux Juice Extractor Model EJE3000 and saw the price from Jintex Electronics online website – RM 350. I have decided to get it from Jintex and so made a call yesterday to check the stock availability. Yesterday, the call was picked up by the lady boss, who said that they need to order the stock, which will take about two to three days. So, I was pondering and also waiting to ask hubby about the decision. I also went through some bigger electronic shops online (like Best and SengQ) and gave them calls to find that there wasn’t any stock. By night, with the affirmation given by hubby, I have decided to purchase from Jintex.


Today, about 1.35 pm, I made a call to Jintex and spoke to the man boss, Kevin, who was the one who sent the washing machine to our place the previous time. I told him that I would like to place a booking for the juicer. I gave him some personal details and he said that he will call me once the stock arrives. In an hour time, I received a sms from Kevin that the stock has arrived (or was it an old stock?) and he is charging me RM 345 instead of RM 350. So, I went to the shop, which located at Seapark. Kevin showed me the machine, tested it out and repacked it. It looks totally brand new. Braving myself, I asked if there is free gift for the item. He initially said no, but later told me that I can take the free cookie jars. He offered to carry the box to my car, but I said that I could manage it myself.


Overall, I am satisfied with the service. In both experiences with them, I feel more comfortable dealing with Kevin rather than the lady boss. The only setback of the shop is the location, whereby it is really difficult to get parking.

DIY Avenue Resources @ Dataran Glomac, Kelana Jaya

We first came to know about DIY Avenue Resources for its location, nearby Public Bank at Dataran Glomac, Kelana Jaya. Our first dealing was purchasing paint and painting materials for our condo. Subsequently, we bought the water tap and recently, a doorknob.


Generally, the main boss or supervisors at the shop are good. He even provided some advice on how to fix the water tap. However, sadly, the staff, which consist mainly Malay men, has no motivation to serve or entertain customers. They can be ignorant to the customers. When we requested from them on where some of the tools/materials are, they would simply point us to the area without leading us there.


Most of the prices of items will be discounted when making the payment. They do provide service to fix some of the home appliances, but it comes with quite hefty service fees and the requirement to fetch its staff to your place.

BL Home Furnishing Sdn Bhd @ Taman Seri Taming, Cheras

Mother-in-law wants us to get new bedroom set for the in-law house before the wedding day. We actually stumbled into BL Home Furnishing while on our way to Jaya Jusco Cheras Selatan. One day, we decided to stop by to take a preliminary look at the furniture displayed there. We find that the prices of the furniture were quite affordable.


We decided to place a booking on the furniture on October 2. So, we stopped by at BL Home Furnishing again. This time round we sat down to talk to the sales assistant, Jason. He showed us the catalogues and explained on the differences. Jason also spoke about the sizes by showing the measurements with his tape. The bedroom set excludes the mattress. Finally, we choose the mid range one. Together with the mid range mattress, the whole set costs RM 2,350, which also includes free delivery to in laws’ house. It also comes with two free pillows. We paid a deposit of RM 100. Jason said that we need to call him in advance (about three days) for him to order the furniture from the factory.

Last week we decided to have the furniture in. So, hubby rang up Jason on Monday (October 17) to inform him about sending in the furniture on the coming Sunday. Hubby also told Jason that he would pay the remaining balance after the setting up of the furniture, where hubby will come over to swipe his credit card. On Friday, hubby called Jason again to confirm on the arrival of the furniture. And, at last, on Sunday about 12pm, hubby called Jason again to make sure. Also, hubby asked if it is possible for them to take away the old mattress and old bed frame, which Jason said we would need to give the workers some “duit kopi”. The furniture arrived at about 1.50pm. Three workers came along, where two were friendly and another one was snobbish. The snobbish one immediately said that there’s a service charge when hubby asked him if it is possible to take the old furniture away. The whole setting up of the cupboard took around 20 minutes.

Well, it is too early for me to judge about the quality of the furniture. Everything came in order, except the dressing table that appears smaller than expected. While we expect to pay “duit kopi” for them to take away the old furniture, I just don’t like the way that the workers “expect” it to be and at one stage, they were reluctant to accept the money –not because they don’t want, but because they think it is too little for them. If they were customer-service-oriented, I don’t think there’s any additional burden for helping their customers to dispose the old furniture – which at times, I think they may also sell it to a second hand furniture shop (and make money out of it). For instance, when buying our washing machine from Jintex Electronics, the owner was willing to take away the old semi washing machine without a single sen or request.

Maxi Tint Solar Film Enterprise @ Giant Kelana Jaya

In November last year (2010), we decided to add solar films at our kitchen windows and the window of the store room after some eight months of sticking on some design papers, which we previously thought was cost saving. We sourced for people who provide solar film and even asked around on forums but to no avail. The one that spoke to us says that the margin that they get from the small panel windows is so low that they don’t really want to do our business.


I remembered seeing this solar film sold in Giant Kelana Jaya and one fine day, we decided to stop by to ask at Maxi Tint Solar Film Enterprise. We were attended by a lady. Giving them the sizes of the windows and showing them the pattern we opted for, we were quoted not more than RM 50 for the six windows. We were then taught how to fix it on – by using soap water and also an object with flat edge.

In July this year (2011), we decided to add on solar films to our balcony sliding door.  After measuring the doors, we went back to Maxi Tint Solar Film Enterprise for the quotation. This time around, it was close to/ more than RM 200.

Well, I would say that we were return customers because we do not know any alternative enterprise selling this solar film in areas nearby us. Moreover, it is not a big amount that we are buying. I still think it is at affordable price. Overall, I think the solar film, especially at the sliding doors manage to reduce some heat from outdoor. Most importantly, I like the fact that no one can see through the windows, especially at the kitchen area. One thing about the small little stall at Giant Kelana Jaya, the salesperson mending the stall is always not around and so we have to wait for a while (each time). Often, they just leave the stall with their name cards on the table.  They only will come over to a customer’s house if the amount purchased is large/ substantial for their margins, otherwise, most of the film sold for small users, are expected to DIY. However, it is not a difficult task though. They will guide customers on how to do it (we were taught each time we went there).

Living Quarters @ The Curve

Living Quarters is always attractive to me because of their unique home specialty ranging from tableware, kitchenware, bedding and accessories to soft furnishing. However, often it is merely window shopping for me in Living Quarters since the items there are rather pricey for me. Yesterday I needed to get quality floor mats to decorate our home in anticipation for our big day. So, I decided to get it from Living Quarters @ The Curve, which coincidently has promotion on (starting September 30). The mat that I wanted was initially priced at RM 55+, and now going on at RM 25.20. So, I carefully selected two mats, matching the interior of our living hall and also the master bedroom.


When queuing up for payment, there was a lady in front of me. However, the man at the counter (Mohd Hafiz, Sales Associate: 3095 – as per receipt) wasn’t attending to her first, as there was some keying in to be completed. Initially, I was agitated. Soon, Hafiz attended to the lady and was politely telling her about the Metrojaya Member’s (Living Quarters is under Metrojaya) offer on that day. The lady was given her some reasons why she isn’t purchasing up to the amount, while Hafiz patiently listened to her without frustration. Later on, I made my payment and since I wasn’t a member, I was just attended as usual. After my turn, it was a man who was going to pay for the key holders. Before he made his payment (while I was inserting the receipt into my wallet), I observed that Hafiz was also friendly while servicing the man – saying that the man was the first customer for the key holders, which arrived the day before. This has of course brought some cheer to the customer, who was beaming in proud.


I personally think that this is the form of customer service I would like to see from each sales assistant (whichever hypermarket/ retailing chains/ supermarkets) – patience, cheerful and friendly, which is generally lacking in the market today. Hope to be served by Hafiz again, if I were to purchase anything from Living Quarters @ The Curve.

Seng SKH Furniture @ Jalan SS 25/23, Taman Plaza, PJ

We scouted around for furniture around PJ area before we actually moved in. We also visited some furniture exhibition and show room, but found that they are mostly out of our budget. So, instead of going for design, we went for the basics – affordable and useable. We were told by our friend that there was a local furniture shop nearby our area, and it was Seng SKH Furniture, which is located near St Ignatius Church, PJ.

We actually went there about two to three months ahead before we actually got our keys (around end 2009). They were doing their year-end promotion for their mattress, which we paid a deposit for it. As our keys came in slightly longer than anticipated, we called them in the early of 2010, and the lady told us that they will still hold on to the promised price and she comforted us that it is fine to wait. She even comforted us that there are many unexpected things in the house-buying process, and asked us to be patient. After we got our keys (in March 2010), we actually went to the shop again, and placed an additional deposit for a dining table and sofa. We set a time for the arrival of furniture (for our convenience), which they did came on time.

We also went back to them on two separate occasions. One is for the makeup table (2010) and another for the bed frame (2011). On all the occasions, the delivery man (i.e. the owner of the shop) came on time and as promised.

As mentioned, the shop does not really offer the lifestyle kind of furniture; but as far as we are concern, the furniture is useable and to a certain extent, it does come with quality. They are also at affordable range. Yes, we will be back at this furniture shop for future planning, i.e. when we have sufficient savings to add on furniture. Delivery is free for us since it is not too far from our place.


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Jintex Electronics

When we moved into our condo unit, it came with a semi-washing machine (as stated in our S&P). For someone who has been hand-washing clothes for three to four years, she would be delighted to have whatever machine available for clothes washing. A semi-washing machine is one that needs you to transfer your washed clothes to another section for spin dry, which was the little hassle compared to a normal washing machine. It was rather old and we planned that we will upgrade it to a normal washing machine.


After about six months of hard saving, we looked around for a quality washing machine and also a quality seller. Some recommended brands include Toshiba and Sharp. And, then we decided on getting a bigger one, 9kg so that we can also wash blankets. Next, we surveyed around an online forum to check on the sellers. We were shocked to find that there are many delivery woes out there in the market. At last, we found Jintex Electronics (which has quite a number of good comments). We contacted the seller (Kevin) via the forum to ask for the price. We were quoted RM 980 for the Toshiba 9kg washing machine, which includes delivery and setting up. We also checked that he can deliver the machine on Saturday and he has the stock.


Instead of buying online, we decided to pay a visit to his shop (around early October 2010), which is located in Taman Sea, on a Friday night. Upon arrival, we asked about the machine that we wanted. We were quoted about RM 1,000+. Then, we informed the lady that we actually spoken to Kevin, who gave us the price RM 980. The lady then informed Kevin and he said “yes, the deal was RM 980”. So, we paid a deposit of RM 50 and the remainder will be paid upon delivery.  Delivery was promised on the very next day. However, due to lack of staff, he asked if my husband could help with carrying of the machine on the next day, which we then agreed. We then asked if it is possible for him to take away the old machine, which he said no issue for that. He gave us towels and a pack of softener, as free gifts.


On the very next day, before the promised time, Kevin called to confirm if we were at home. We were surprised that he was in front of our condo unit, instead of he wanting us to help him – because coincidently the security guard of our condo area helped him (he came +/- 10 minutes of the promised time). So, Kevin just needed little help in lifting the new washing machine to the washing area (We actually removed the old semi-washing machine and cleared the washing area before his arrival). He professionally set up the washing machine and taught us how to use the machine. After his explanation, we happily paid him the remainder sum in cash. He then carried the old machine away.


We are satisfied with the service provided by Jintex. We also realized that it is possible to sign up as member in their website ( to check prices of the electronics that they supply. It is an avenue for us to check prices of the electronics, which also make easy comparison. Yes, we will be return customers if there’s need for replacement of electrical items. But, as always, bargain the price with Kevin or whoever that attends to you, and pay in cash – save the merchant fee and get some discount. Also, remember your free gifts if you buy large items.