Lockdown and friends

This evening we went to the car park next to our condo building to cycle (we found this place on Sunday) where it has a wider space.

A boy (younger than Noelle, probably same age as Nikki or younger) and his dad were there earlier (they stay in the same condo, seen them at the condo compound especially during last year’s MCO, but never spoken). When the boy saw the girls, he was so excited. He started chasing the girls and saying ‘hello’ repeatedly. He chased Noelle on the bike, Nikki on the scooter and Norrah on the tricycle.

Initially, we ignored him. He was chasing Noelle until a point Noelle got scared. 🤣 They nearly bumped into one another on the bike; Noelle ‘screamed’ – and that’s when they started talking to one another (the boy was in mask 😷 – initially he wasn’t until his dad told him to wear as he was getting near to the girls).

We (hubby, I and the boy’s dad) actually let the ‘friendship’ develop by itself. At the end, they had a great time from riding the bicycle to running together – with his dad reminding him to maintain a distance (I was cycling, acted cool 😎 and don’t know, ok? Hubby was busy chasing Norrah.) It was really lovely to see how the little friendship developed. Then lightning ⚡️ came, and we decided to go home. They bidded goodbye to each other and the boy told Noelle ‘see you next YEAR!’ 🤣

Noelle went home, telling us she had so much fun. And she got to know that the boy is Philiks. She initially wondered why the boy was chasing her (and was pretty annoyed). It was until when the boy told her that he wanted to play with her and he has no friend – that Noelle decided to play along. Like the boy, our girls have NO physical friends for the past 6 months. It actually tells us how much kids yearn to have one another (other than own siblings) to play with.

I am actually relief that Noelle still knows how to make and accept new friends. It has been exactly 6 months since she went to school (the last recess box I made for her was April 19, 2021 – which was the last day she went to school). We know she has a lot of desire to resume physical school life. As she enters pre-teen age, she also has more need to be away from us at times (to be independent). She has her own thoughts and wants. Sometimes it gets difficult to get her open up and talk. And often she also tries to see how far she can push our limits. 🙄 It could be a more challenging time for us in months/years ahead in handling the kids cum endemic.

Slime trouble

Ok, don’t laugh ya…you might not know if you need this emergency hack 🤭🤣 When this happened, I immediately thought of Phoebe Wong’s son, months back! So, this is ‘Caring is sharing’ post! 😂

It happened right after I did laundry. I saw the slime sticking at Norrah’s hair. 🙄🙄 Immediately, the one got it from me was Noelle – because she was trying several stunt and the sisters followed! 😒

Split second, Phoebe’s post came into mind. Apply corn flour on Norrah’s head. Then shower her (she said she doesn’t want to play already). I even hair conditioned her. Came out silk and smooth! Phew…..🤣🤣

Video: https://youtu.be/oZO9Z5K40fY

Bought new slime kits

After several failed attempts of making slime at home, I finally got them the slime KITS (instead of instant slime)! 🤭😂 I am very lazy to experiment already. But they are excited in making the slime.

The slime kits arrived yesterday and I told them they can only play with it after today’s school work and worksheet. And guess what, they woke up before 7am, shower, ate breakfast and started working on their worksheets before 8 am (before even I had time to sit down to have my breakfast🙄🙄). Hubby says today they are as excited as going for a holiday! 😂 And he asked me not to do it again – as he hasn’t get to enjoy his morning me time and everyone already kacau him! 😂

Video: https://youtu.be/yuH-D4aPLMY

Are the kids doing house chores?

When MCO started in the early of the year, I ranted about how I ‘hated’ guiding Noelle in Pendidikan Moral – because of some ‘older’ principles that they want to instil in kids (of course it was because I don’t like those topics 🙄🙄). But as we walked ‘deeper’ into some other principles, I started re-liking Pendidikan Moral. 🤭🤣 And we could relate to our daily lives. For example, ‘toleransi’ and ‘keadilan’.

While my kids ‘know’ how to do house chores – they used to like it very much🙄, they ain’t discipline in helping me off – because of daily schoolwork🙄 but most importantly, it reduces their playtime😒. I don’t really bother – because having less of their help has the benefit; as I can speed up my work! 🤭🤣

Anyway, back to Pendidikan Moral, I was guiding her about ‘kerjasama’ and ‘kerajinan’; there was a part where students need to answer about how they help their family in chores and the parents will sign off at the end. As we went through the list, most of the things that Noelle used to help me has become ‘sekali-sekala’ 🙄🙄🙄 rather than ‘selalu’. Maybe…….(MAYBE) that has gave her some ‘kesedaran’ 🤣🤣 this morning she says she will help me mop floor. (Talk is cheap; just do it!)

another point I started liking Pendidikan Moral is because it is taught in BM and this helps her in the language now.

Video: https://youtu.be/oLRJ8oTsrMA

My sensible child

To my dear Noelle,

I wish you could keep your innocence 😇 as long as possible.



Today I gave her an assignment to write about what she would want to do on her birthday. Also, to give me an idea, what she wants. 🤭🤣

Noelle only had small scale birthday celebrations over the years. The most (that went with other people out of her family) were having her two play dates at home during her fourth birthday and on her fifth birthday, she celebrated at her kiddy. Yet, she still chose to spend it with her family for her coming 8 year old birthday. She never mentioned friends (even her bff) at all or having a party.

Noelle had seen many beautiful birthday cakes during her one year in kiddy and also through photos plus those in shops. She even had one beautiful princess jelly cake on her fifth birthday in kiddy. But, she chooses the beach pattern home baked by mama cake (which she vividly remember – that was her 4th birthday cake – she even came and asked me if I still remember how to bake it).

Noelle is aware that we do take away food and even ordered online before. On her special day, she never thought of those food but mama’s simple home cooked.

Before she wrote about what she wishes to wear, she actually came and asked me which princess dresses that she still can fit in. She is so considerate on what she has and no thought that I would give her a new one. I told her it is off limit, just write down whichever she wants (I want to know too, ok? 🤭🤣).

Noelle is not one who wants the limelight forever and she remembers that it is also Nikki’s birthday on the same date. Most importantly, she kept in mind about the pandemic we are experiencing now that she knows we (probably) couldn’t go out on her birthday.

We may not give her the ‘best’ but to her, I guess it is already the best and she really appreciates the little things we do for her. Most ‘touching’ thing in her list is her intention to play our family game ‘treasure hunt’ with her papa and sisters. 🥰🥰 But I think that will lead to her ‘surprise’ birthday present. 😂😅 (ok, we still have no idea what to get for her and Nikki….🙄🙄)

Norrah turns 3 years old

We have our usual small celebration at home. We celebrated a day earlier as Noelle’s going school tomorrow. Cake specially baked by Noelle and papa; and decorated by Noelle (Noelle’s idea!).

Collage photos of her 3rd birthday: https://youtu.be/3WX1TVYHsms

Basque Burnt Cheesecake

While I was thinking what to bake for Norrah’s birthday (about three-four weeks ago), Noelle came with the idea of she baking for Norrah. I actually asked her many times if she is sure – as I need to figure out what to bake for Norrah if Noelle wasn’t serious.

Though Noelle knows how to bake ogura, she came with the idea of having strawberries in the cake since it was Norrah’s favourite fruit. With only papa’s help, I figured out they need something easier. 🙄🙄 So I suggested Basque Burnt Cheesecake, which myself haven’t try before (both eating and baking) as she can easily decorate with strawberries and I heard it is no fail kind of cake. I searched for some old recipes (which used by my mummy friends – which is proven passed) and I gave the links to them.

On Tuesday, when I fetch Noelle from school, I brought her to the bakery shop to buy ingredients. And yesterday evening, they baked it. I just sat and watch (of course, criticising. Hubby says they had a very fierce instructor🙄😂). This morning, they decorated it. Mission completed!

I have never tasted burnt cheesecake before; so I am not sure if this is perfect but it is surely edible. Plus the little birthday girl 👧 gave thumbs up!

Video: https://youtu.be/u8R69-Rk9OQ

Our priceless gift 💝 from Noelle….and her papa!

Besides the cake, Noelle suggested (last week) that she will cook fried rice with her sous chef papa for us. They did everything (cutting, cooking and washing) – with some guidance from me (of course, in between kena shoot 🤭😂). For dinner, she made us coleslaw. Her sous chef grilled the lamb (which I marinated yesterday) and cooked spaghetti (with can cream soup🙄🤣 – better than nothing).

Noelle also ‘surprised’ us with a card (actually she bocor her own secret on Wednesday🙄🙄, telling me she did something during English class – when she completed her work; but will only show me on birthday wor….I also acted 🙄🙄🤣🤣). She also made an Elsa puppet from wet tissue and highlighter for Norrah. Though it looks kinda ‘hantu’ 🤣, I love her creativity 🥰.

Thank you very much for giving me a little off day today from the kitchen! 🥰🥰

I hope they will grow up remembering that it is not the big parties or cakes that matter on birthdays; but appreciating the little things in life (note: this is my way of teaching my kids and I am in no way criticising people who celebrate birthdays in different ways. ✌🏻)

Video: https://youtu.be/dScTO_milu0

On the actual day:

Our first time dine-in after more than 5 months

….before going, I was still deciding between take away or dine-in 🙄🤭 my hubby says it was ultimate DINE-IN. 🙄🙄🙄 Three of the girls were over joyed when we told them about the decision to dine-in today.

We have not seen the three girls eat so much for a long time. Both Noelle and Nikki ate at least/close to 10 pieces of sushi. So did Norrah eating more than 5 pieces. Everyone had a very happy meal!

Potty trained no3

We have been potty training Norrah since before the MCO days but ‘aggressively’ did so during the MCO days – as we are at home. She has been diaperless during daytime. After a month, she still showed no progress! 🙄 She has been peeing on the floor most of the time. She did pee in the potty twice – but that was it!

BUT this week as we step into Phase 4 of MCO, she starts to show some progress. She started to show us signs; and we managed to bring her to the potty to pee. She even pooped once in the potty. I think she finally managed her fear of pee and poop in the potty. Today, instead of just me asking her to go to the potty, she told me she wanted to pee. She did it not once or twice but four times! 😁😁 We put her on diaper during nap; but when she woke up and wanted to pee, she told me to bring her to the potty! So proud of her – everyone at home cheer so loud for her! Noelle even helped throw the pee into the toilet bowl and washed the potty! 🤣

As per promised, we rewarded her with the Mickey Mouse ice cream! 😁😁 When she pooped in the potty the other day, her sisters also get it. But this ice cream came in a box of four. Today only Norrah gets this ice cream as we only had one left in the freezer. And she deserves it!

Hopefully she will retire from diaper by the time she turns 3 years old! And this will be her MCO days milestone/achievement! 😘😘

amongst the three, it was the most challenging to potty train Norrah! 🙄🤭 At 31+mo, both Noelle and Nikki have already been day time potty trained with Nikki graduated from diaper completely!

Video: https://youtu.be/cnEUwrqg9o4

Work from home dad!

Probably because I am in the mummies’ fb groups and most of my fb friends are mummies (instead of daddies), I feel a lot of mummies have been taking the credit of working from home cum taking care of the household/kids (this also includes the classroom chat group)! Probably these mummies really get worked out during these MCO days (I am not in a position to judge), but I know some who over credit themselves on fb (I am not blind🤭🙄).

Anyway, back to ‘work at home daddies’ especially our papa!

While our papa doesn’t have to cook and he does occasionally takes nap after lunch, he dutifully ensures that the girls especially Norrah take shower before he starts his job. Whenever he hasn’t got any video/phone call or nothing urgent in hand, he does clean up Norrah’s pee and/or poop 💩!

While our papa doesn’t do groceries (because I prefer to do it myself – quicker and don’t have to make myself ‘frustrated’ 🙄), it also means that when I do grocery shopping especially on weekdays – he actually has to REALLY work from home – juggling work and the three girls.

While our papa does less in helping Noelle in school work, he diligently helps us settle any work that needs to be uploaded into the google classroom or fixes bug/system issues. He helps with Noelle’s Mandarin homework/ revision.

While in the past I do feel that I need to prepare an extra dish for him, he has come to adjust to eating the same kind of dishes as us. Though he eats a larger portion, he has accustomed to eating less meat with us! 😁😁

While our papa is very focus in work and can treat us as invincible when he works, working from home also means he really stops working by 6pm (or slightly more). We don’t have to wait for him to return home late like usual. In fact, he starts playing with the girls right after switching his work laptop. We also get to eat dinner with him every night.

While I plan and do a lot of activities with the girls to keep them distracted from our papa working, he takes shifts watching the girls in the evening or whenever he is free from work.

Fatherhood has become more visible during these MCO days. Though I still carry more of the responsibilities at home, I am happy that our papa is making an effort to help and that both of us are getting more time with the girls. Moments like this also tell us that it’s possible for our papa to be productive while working from home and helping take care of the kids.

All girls trip – 3d2n Gold Coast Morib

All girls trip – Day 1 at Gold Coast Morib Resort

I managed to get a hotel room from the resort directly, which also comes with water theme park tickets (4 tickets) and breakfast (for 2). The package was a steal at RM160! The water theme park tickets can be used for all three days – they were rather flexible with entrance, as long the wrist band is on (probably because there were a lot of people).

But the hotel room is rather old and not totally clean 🙄. Only one lift working; luckily we were in level 2. I need to run up and down two times – put kids in the room and then take luggage. Fortunately, the room doesn’t rely on card for power. So I safely leave them in room.

It comes with two super single beds – so Noelle and Nikki shared a bed. I told Nikki I am just next bed laaaa🙄🙄🙄 she agreed to sleep with Noelle, but in the midnight woke to sleep with me and Norrah! 😒 After both slept, I did went over to sleep with Noelle (but then need switch back when Norrah wanted to nurse🙄).

All girls trip – Day 2 Gold Coast Morib resort

On the next morning, we had free breakfast from the hotel – nothing fancy but the usual type. Then we went to the water park again. Norrah was clingy/angry (after I pulled her away from the water slide – blocking people), so I didn’t manage to take photos of them. We waited for the foam party at 1030am. At 1050am, I rushed them back to our room – as we need to bath, pack and check out. It was a ‘phew’ moment to manage get everything done by then. After giving them angpau, Mickey white chocolate and strawberry milk, I went down to put our luggage into the car. Checking out was fast; and I got back my RM50 deposit right at the spot.

Next we went back to Pantai Morib – the only place with food stalls and activities. There were more people on the first day of CNY compared to the day before (probably because Friday is working day). They wanted to play bubbles. We had Nasi lemak for lunch. I choose food from those with set up shops rather than stalls to ensure cleanliness of the food.

We still have about 1-2 hours before we can check in; so we walked around and then bought Noelle a yo-yo. Then we went to play kite. We didn’t bring our kite but bought on the spot. Actually we have three kites at home already, then I asked Noelle to choose – at first she chose the eagle 🦅 kite. But after the lady said that the normal kite is RM8 while the eagle kite is RM10,she quickly changed her decision to a normal kite. I am actually proud of her – making ringgit wise decision! She chose the pony kite since we had the princesses and minion ones at home. I also bought Norrah and Nikki a bubble tube each to keep them occupied while Noelle plays kite. At first I only bought for Norrah. 🤭 then I feel it was so unfair to Nikki, though she never asked for it. But she was very happy when she got it.

Checking in to our second room Airbnb – much easier than the hotel room, no need to queue. But I had trouble opening the door! 😓😓 I called the host but he didn’t pick up (he eventually called me back and told me he was in the cinema, and that was like after an hour). I saw a Malay family checking into another room. When I saw the man able to open up his room door, I immediately went to him and asked for help. The wife was abit hostile (she asked me to call the host🙄) but I plead and the man sympathised me – he even taught me how to open the door.

The girls love the room. I also prefer this room because it is cleaner. We spent the rest of the day in the room chilling and playing. I bought chicken rice from the earlier shops – so we had our dinner in the room too. Before we ended the day, the resort actually put on a firework display but Nikki was so scared of it. 🤣 We just watched a little from the balcony.

All girls trip – Day 3 Gold Coast Morib Resort

Since our second night is an Airbnb booking (because hotel is full), we have to have our own breakfast in the room. In fact, I paid more for Airbnb, RM180 that didn’t come with theme park tickets and breakfast. Anyway, they don’t eat much in the morning – so I gave them massimo cream buns and cut an apple for them to share.

Then, we left for the water park for the last time. I wasn’t sure that the water park entrance still could last till the third day. But they didn’t really check the date issued on the wrist band- so we just had our free entry again. Initial plan was to wait till the foam party at 1030am but by 10am, Noelle said that they would play in the jacuzzi instead. Better still because there would not be much mad rush. And I was hoping to have more time – because I was afraid I couldn’t open the room door. 🤭 Initially, I did have trouble opening it. And Noelle went ‘Omg, I hope it won’t be as scary as yesterday!’ 😒😒😒 kns, talking those phrases when I was in the panic mode – of course, she got snapped by me ‘can you use your brain before you talk?’ 😒😒😒 (sorry, I very straight forward to my girls.) and added ‘just like your papa!’ 🤭😂 angry ma…Fortunately, on my last try, I managed to open it without help! Phew moment!

So we bath and packed. I gave them another Mickey white chocolate and strawberry milk. And Nikki asked ‘angpau leh?’ 🙄🙄 Wa, everyday got angpau meh? 🙄🙄 So, I left them in room to finally put luggage in car. I let them chill awhile before we checked out. For check in and check out – I prefer Airbnb.

We went to Pantai Morib to fly kite and play bubbles again. Actually quite surprising many Chinese also celebrate CNY by the beach, one Chinese family (a lot of members) also having picnic there! They were even playing cards there! 🤣Really not a new thing to celebrate CNY at beach – in fact, a good idea! They wanted chicken rice for lunch. So we ate and played kite another run before we called the trip off! Nikki immediately fell asleep in car, while Noelle slightly dozed off before woke by the ‘show yourself’ song!🙄 Norrah was awake the whole journey and kept me entertained with her singing!

That marked the end of our 3d2n first all girls trip!


Bags – planning:

For the trip, since we were staying in different rooms, I have packed two separate clothing bags (meaning I even had to bring to sets of towels for four of us – I never use hotel or Airbnb towels😖). In the same clothing bag, I have different snacks packed too. Another bag pack for toiletries, our scarfs for sleeping (luckily got scarf, or else cold die me – because they pulled all the blanket away from me) and some other things that we used for two days. The third bag is the swim wear, arm floats and swim towels. And fourth bag is the small cooler bag for fruits and also food for dinner (day 1 from home, day 2 tapau from shop).

So, each day I have four bags to take together with them three. I have warned Nikki not to bring bag because she will likely asked me to carry while Noelle has her own bag that she stored story book, notebook and games.

………..Day 2 CNY

In the year, I wish that my girls will continue to grow healthily and happily. I hope that they will continue be good girls, street smart and independent especially when I ain’t around them.

Our first ‘all girls trip’ is coming to an end. And I hope all of you had an enjoyable one! I am sorry that you girls have to put up with my emotions (when I am anxious and tired) and I am sorry if I have put any of you in ‘danger’. Sorry to Noelle for certain things you want to do, but I didn’t pursued (for you) because I have to watch after your sisters. Sorry to Nikki for having to wait longer because you were done but your sisters haven’t. Sorry to Norrah that your sisters have to take care of you on the water slides because I have to keep an eye on every of you. Thank you all the three of you for being obedient, most of the time. Hope there will be more to come.

~ Also, thanks to ‘guardian angels’ for being by our side during certain moments ~


It is not a doomsday when pleas weren’t entertained for years. Being totally reliant at times, I am proud that I have overcome myself; be bold and braver. I made the hotel reservations in different platforms (because it is almost fully book a month ago) and did face some stressful moments in the midst. I did it without help at the end (though I did ‘consult’ “dear thelmas”). I learn how to make payment myself, which I also used my own personal savings.

The girls won’t be 2, 5 and 7 again. While some may ‘condemn’ my act (sorry but I am not trying to be defiant), I am teaching my girls self-respect, knowing their self worth and also to choose to do things that they are happy.

>> Raised following traditions doesn’t mean we are happy to be in one; I am just one of them – it is just different personalities that make it different (probably I am just a ‘black sheep’) – I am not saying it is wrong to follow tradition (maybe the girls might want to follow traditions in future).

>> Judge me if you like; but at least I am not putting a fake front (in front of 194 fb friends) and honest to myself. I could probably face a different ‘future’ from now on, but just let time tells. Besides my wishes for my girls, I just wish to be happy! I had a HAPPY 😊 CNY this year, at least!

>> in years to come, FB memories will tell if I have done something silly in these three days – because I find myself doing silly things 8-10 years back 🙄🤣

Photos <here>

During our trip, we found an ironing table with an iron in the Airbnb room. And hence, came the question

Noelle: Mum, only papa knows how to iron clothes and you don’t know, right? 🙄🙄 (because since Nikki’s time, I handed over the ironing to hubby)

Me: 😒😒😒😒 who says so? Your papa nothing to do ok? If I don’t give him ironing, he is more free and keep playing phone! 😒😒😒🙄🙄

Noelle: 😯😯😯

We don’t have a normal tv channel and Astro channels at home. We usually watch from the android box while the kids will get their YouTube time on the laptop. So, whenever we go on a holiday, they watches the hotel tv channels, they will be very amazed with the shows on tv including the advertisements! 😂 They sounded very ‘kampung’ to me!

At some points, Nikki even asked me to ‘repeat’ the part that she wanted to rewatch and I have to explain to her that this isn’t like YouTube and we couldn’t rewind as we wish.🙄🙄

We watched more news on tv during the trip. There were some parts they showed earthquakes.

Noelle: Mum, do we have earthquake in Malaysia?

Me: No, only certain countries like Japan and Taiwan. 🙄

Noelle: Only Japan and Taiwan?🙄🙄

Me: No, many other more. So, we should feel lucky that Malaysia has no earthquake.

Noelle: Then, Singapore has earthquake?

Me: No. just like Malaysia.

Noelle: 😯😯 Then which country has fire?

Me: 🙄🙄🙄 all the counties have fire.

Noelle: Really?

Me: 😓😓 Anyone want to set up fire in any country also possible, right? 🙄🙄

Noelle: 😯😯😯

Without papa in our trip, it also mean that we don’t have iPad along. So, we have been gadget free for the three days (only myself with the phone). And I am glad that we were just like this. We built more conversations and we observed more, for sure! 😁😁

7th and 4th birthdays

Our 7th year as parents…

….we may not be the best parents; but we are trying our best every day….


Happy 7th birthday to our dearest Noelle!

2019 has been a wonderful year of growth! 🌞 We saw you bloom into a more courageous, resilient, caring and mindful girl. 🌈 You amazed us for being an independent streak – i.e requesting for a room for yourself and sleeping on your own! You are forgiving as ever and we managed to get through your friends’ issues together. You are self-disciplined, self-motivated and self-determined that I want you to forever keep. You are always so important to me, and the whole family. You will always be my baby, my go to girl, my superhero and my heart!

Once again, happy birthday and hope you will enjoy the day that we have planned!


Happy 4th birthday to our little chatty and humorous Nikki!

You have been awesome for the year 2019! You have been friendly to most people; showed your enthusiasm and braved yourself through new ‘adventures’; practice kindness and increasingly playing the role as a big sister to Norrah! You are so dedicated to following mama to pick Noelle jeh jeh up on a daily basis – walking up and down hill without complain.

Being the middle child, sometimes we may have overlooked and wonder where you fit in. Despite our bickering (because you are as firm as mummy), we have also learn about each other more in the year! 😘 We have another year to enjoy both ourselves to the fullest before you enter pre-school! And I trust we will make the best of 2020 together!

>> I bought her Anna’s dress but she wants Belle’s dress which she worn on her 3rd birthday! She is indeed unique with her choice! 🙄🤣


Their annual birthday treat has been visiting indoor playground; usually jungle gym and last year was parenthood. But I told them last week they went Kidzania already (which is part of their birthday treat); so today we went to sing K instead in this rather new Karaoke place – Manekineko 🐱.

  • We went during their happy hour which is RM15 per adult. Kids above 90cm is 50% off. Then I was just checking with them ‘if birthday, got anything special?’ The crew asked ‘whose birthday?’ So we told them it was Noelle and Nikki’s birthday today. And they said ‘free for them!’ 🤭😂 So, we just paid for two adults and sang for 3 hours (we got a small room with no standing mic but it was ‘ok’ for the price we paid!). It also comes with free flow of drinks and titbits. Since we had brunch already, we didn’t order any food.
  • >>>

    We went to Unicorn25 cafe for their birthday celebration because they love unicorns! 🦄 But sadly and disappointingly (we were there by 10am, meaning they didn’t ‘refill’ their cakes yet), they only left 3 chocolate mini unicorn cakes (previously they had the strawberry one which was so yummy). Being ‘kiasu’ 🤭🙄🤣, I quickly told the lady we are taking three of the remainder cakes. Actually quite regrettable since it was rather choking to eat the chocolate cakes (Noelle had half, Nikki had less than half and Norrah didn’t even want to eat it except for the frosting).

    We ordered kids’ meals for them which come with unicorn keychain each. And also a big breakfast and coffee for ourselves.

    So that’s their simple birthday celebration! 😁😁

    >> Papa asked them what they want to have for dinner and both said ‘mama cook!’ 🙄🙄 So our dinner is at home tonight!

    Goodbye third baby tooth

    Third tooth 🦷 came out today

    She came out excitedly to show me her third tooth has fallen out. She was explaining that it happened during the last subject of the day. She was ‘rocking’ the tooth until it came out by its own- fell off onto her chair. Only Abram (the boy beside her knew it, so mama is the second to know). She even asked permission from teacher to gargle her mouth in toilet.

    She told me to keep her tooth for her in my purse while she ate her lunch in car. As soon as we arrived home, she asked me for the tooth. She excitedly wanted to wash it before keeping it. She went into the toilet to wash it but came out crying 😭 ‘my tooth fell into the wash basin’. How tragic. I looked at the basin! 😣😣 I didn’t know what to do first but to give her a hug – telling her that ‘it is ok’ and that’s when all her tears came rolling down. 💔 💔 💔

    Quick thinking, I look into the basin hole again. 🤔 Then pull out the ceramic thingy that is covering the sink drain. Tried to unscrew the sink cover. And dig dig dig 🤮 – a lot of hairline and ‘don’t know the hubby’s daily phlegm there onot 🤢’ (only he spit his phlegm there ok? 😒)- alas! I managed to find it. Then I put the little tooth into the cup with water and handed it to Noelle! Phew! Super hero in less than 5 minute! 😆😆😆

    Seriously, luckily found it – I was also damn sad when she lost it at first, coupled with her crying! The moment was devastating- losing something that followed you in all these years in split of second! And when I found it, the relief was ‘speechless’ – 🤭🤣

    – –

    Her third tooth that came out isn’t the top tooth (like most kids) but the bottom tooth – which is beside the second tooth that came out a month ago. Actually the third tooth started to hurt right after the second one came out and then rocked for a month and more – because the growing second tooth is unaligned and I think it was pushing the third baby tooth. I wanted to bring her to dentist but she refused. So I made her promise that she will not ‘blame’ me if she has ugly set of teeth in the future🙄🙄 – while I was hoping that ‘let the tooth nature takes pace on its own’.

    Ok, now hopefully the tooth will align nicely…

    Photo: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Qk6tX1hz97E9beEu6