Giving without expecting

Surprise parcel

‘We’ have been decluttering and offering people things that we no longer need. As mentioned many times, it teaches my girls to be more open hearted to giving others. Now, whenever they see me pack something, they will automatically ask ‘is that for Aunty?’ Or ‘we don’t need that anymore, so we are giving it away.’

The early times we did receive some little things in return. Later on, I reminded recipients not to bring anything along during collection. I wanted my girls to learn about giving without expecting. So, there are many giveaways without anything in return. It has become a ‘norm’ and they understand that they get nothing in return for gifting.

But recently we gave away a set of two books. ‘That’ lady (*cough*) brought along some fruits and even activities sets for the girls despite the reminder to just ‘bring her banana hands’! 🙄

Ok la, I also wanted to learn to accept things with an open heart and without feeling guilt (something which is difficult to me) – reminder to self. On top of that, ‘that’ lady sent a parcel to us earlier on this week! 😒🤦🏻‍♀️🙄

We received it on Wednesday and I told Noelle (Nikki couldn’t be bothered with presents actually🤣) that she can only open it on weekend – after completing homework too. In addition to that, she was given a ‘homework’ to spell my name! 😝

So tadaaa…the time has finally arrived to open up the parcel! 😆

Thank you again to ‘that’ lady! 😘🤣

Our first time at Royal Floria Putrajaya

We have been contemplating to visit Royal Floria Putrajaya since Friday 🤣 – giving ourselves (hubby and I 🤭) ‘excuses’ one after another. Ok, we finally made it this morning (coincidentally today is the last day of the exhibition)- and no regret – in the sense, Noelle enjoyed it a lot – fascinated with the flower landscape, taking photos – playing a little tourist (Nikki was with her usual tey-pauness when hubby is around🙄). Also coincidentally her school is in the flower theme.

I personally enjoy the flower landscape too – though we see many similar and familiar breeds – such as hibiscus, (especially) Chrysanthemums, roses, orchids and bougainvillea.

I think we could have spent there more than half a day – if we ever stepped into their playground area. But we took a u-turn before they spot it! 😂 We go there to enjoy flower landscape and not play in the playground, k girls?! And we didn’t want to take our lunch there. (There were many food trucks.)

It was crowded but it is manageable – because the place is wide. There are kiddy rides, bicycle rides and even cruise around Putrajaya lake, which come with costs (we didn’t attempt any of them – cos Noelle was busy with her camera while Nikki was busy tey-pauing). Parking was difficult, though free.

We bought the entrance tickets online, so each adult was only RM12 (compared to RM15 on the spot). The kids (below 7) were free. We didn’t have to queue despite the huge crowd.

Thanks to mummy Jenny Puah for sharing her activity with her son. Actually I spotted this banner near our home but wondered what the event about until Jenny posted some pictures.

Our short visit to the Perpustakaan Raja Tun Uda, Seksyen 13 Shah Alam

Actually we didn’t expect the crowd there. And they were having kids activities – so both joined the art and craft session – which is cutting and pasting a rabbit. I did for Nikki while Noelle sat there and completed all by herself.

There was also this ‘read, write and play’ by LEGO. The kid needs to read three books and write a short synopsis for the books before they can play the LEGO. While Noelle was excited to read a book so that she can join, we told her our purpose is not to ‘play’ but to read books. Then I told her ‘THREE books’ and I am NOT going to do FOR her. She did make a fuss (coupled with feeling hungry). We left after that.

I only managed to stay in the kids’ section as they have strict rules that kids under 10 can’t enter the other levels. I was a little disappointed with the noise, running and jumping around of the kids like a playland in the kids section (without supervision or with supervision but didn’t bother);- it was quite difficult for me to help Noelle with her reading. This seriously need improvement – as in stricter rules; and I don’t remember the PJ library was at this kind of state. In fact, for the kids section, the PJ library seems to have better choice in terms of range of books and it was more organized (then).

Our kids will have a BETTER Malaysia from today onwards!

Thanks to all who came out to vote yesterday. And to those who didn’t bother (and yet enjoying the free ride of public holiday yesterday), you have no rights to complain in the next five years!

We manage to 1758!

And thanks to Norrah for waking me up to witness the moment at around 3.30am! 🤣🤣

Waking up on a momentous morning, Noelle wondered why she wasn’t waken up for school. And then I HAD to explain!! 🙄🙄 Coincidentally I was reading a news article that had Tun Dr Mahathir’s picture.

Me: Remember yesterday papa and mama went to vote?

Noelle: 🤔🤔

Me: Then this ‘uncle’ (showing Tun’s pic) won. He gave us two off days!

Noelle: 🙄🙄🤔🤔

Me: So now you have four off days (cannot say ‘holiday’ or else she thinks we going somewhere) and you are going to stay at home with us!

Noelle: 😆😆 (suddenly beaming in joy)

So I brought her to toilet to wash up.

Noelle: 🙄🙄😕😕 (still giving me a confused face)

Me: Papa, can you just show the principal’s message that she is having a off day? (This morning the principal sent us a message!)🙄🙄

Satisfied looking at the message 😝😝

Case closed and we shall enjoy the next four days together! And I am still stuck with thinking what to cook today – no meals plan because yesterday too gan Cheong! 😆😆

Hoping to create a historical change for Malaysia

Good day to all!

Our queue starts here!

While gratitude is important, don’t be complacent for things that need improvement. Change is imminent!

Vote for the future of our kids!

#1758 #inikalilah

There wasn’t a priority lane for people with babies; but one of the officers did ask me to proceed to front. But given that I am early and be fair to others, I queue as per my queue!

I had to bring the youngest along as she still breastfeed on demand. She slept right before I entered into the voting place.

My two elders stayed home with papa. Papa will be going to vote at another station after this! Fortunately not too far, about 30 minutes drive.

Duty done in an hour!

How did I explain ‘election’ to my kid?

Noelle wanted to buy something for her teachers! And since we told her Wednesday is ‘off day’, she suggested we get it on the day!

(During our dinner)

Me: We are not going anywhere on Wednesday because papa and mama have something very important to do!

Noelle: 😨😨😨

Me: It is Election Day. We are going for voting. 🙄🙄🙄

Noelle: 😨😨😨

Me: We need to go somewhere to tick something! 🙄🙄🙄 (ok, trying to explain)

Noelle: 😨😨😨😨

Me: We are going to choose someone to manage our country! 🙄🙄🙄 (still trying hard)

Noelle: 😨😨😨😨😨 What is country?

Me: 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ The place we live. Our country is Malaysia. When we go holiday on plane, we go another country (so far we haven’t been on plane for a domestic holiday).🙄🙄

Noelle: 😮😮🤔🤔

Me: 🤔🤔We are going to choose a LEADER for our country!

Noelle: (continue to eat)

‘Fortunately’ she did not interrogate me further! 😝

Happy voting in our coming 14th General Election on 9 May 2018!

Gratitude post – to Karen Michaela Tan of BNP (Klang Valley)

I started giving in this group since January – part of my lessons to my kids of ‘giving’ plus my mission of decluttering. There were many tempting ‘wants’ and many missed opportunities because of location/timing in these months!

And finally – we got what we NEED. Thanks to the BNP first timer recipients activity.

A little story:

We changed our single bed to queen size bed before the arrival of our third baby last year! And given my girls’ skin allergy, changing sheets and comforters is a must on a weekly basis! Now we have two queen size beds to change and wash! So we are short of queen size comforter and sheets. Recently, we even bought one set online (which wasn’t that cheap)! This GIFT definitely reduced my rush in making sure there’s an extra sheet available each time (spill/vomit accidents happen quite frequently with kids). The comforter also replaces our slightly torn single bed comforter which I am still using!

What was more heartfelt to me was Karen delivered to me personally yesterday evening instead of me collecting it from her house this morning. So I managed to get it wash and dry by this late morning – ready for my girls’ afternoon nap today! I truly appreciate her time to dig out the set and sending it to us! Thank you very much! Plus the colour matches our blue theme room! 😘

I too can’t wait to snuggle under the sheet with my girls later! 😝

A gift that comes with delivery

Today i lost my ‘virginity’…… at Beli Nothing Project fb page


And this is a gift that comes with delivery😁😁

Though we have been giving out some ‘useful’ things that we don’t need anymore at Beli Nothing Project fb page, we have never focus on receiving. Firstly, most of the things posted (very attractive at times) are wants more than needs. Secondly, I ain’t ‘fast’ enough – things find their new owners so fast! Thirdly, I usually look for those near to our location. Fourthly, besides location, I need to consider ‘timing’ of collection. And lastly, I actually ‘shy’ to receive!

So today when I saw this post which was a set of comforter with bed sheet set (unused but store for some time) plus the location – I was totally ‘excited’! That was something we ‘need’! But I actually thought few times before posting (today had time because the fb page was having this ‘first timer’ recipient) – whether I could pick it up on their convenience and my own timing (I don’t want to ‘offend’ people unknowingly at the same time).

So, I drafted:

“I have been gifting so far and not received anything from BNP.

I have three girls and the eldest has dustmite allergy plus the youngest still a baby who co sleep with us and easily gets bedbug bites. So, I change my sheets and blanket every week without fail. Having this extra set would help in case of rainy days (we have two queen sized bed at home).

Timing wise, I could only come around 10am-12pm on Monday for collection after the eldest off to school. (I am a stay at home mum with three kids.)

Thank you for considering me!”

I was certainly enlightened to get a reply:

“You really do need this!! And you have been super generous in your gifting too! I’m very pleased to gift this to you! I hope it helps with the laundry change etc! Please pm for collection or if you’re really having a tough time getting out, I’ll deliver to you!”

We actually exchanged contact and agreed that I will pick up from her gate tomorrow morning. But come evening (just now), she contacted me that she will send it over to us immediately! We met at our guard house. I was too shy to go empty handed – grabbed some dragon fruits that I bought this morning and gave her! 😝

And there it is – our first ‘gift’ from Beli Nothing Project fb page – just in time to replace our torn single bed comforter! 😁😁😁 truly grateful for it!