Book review: Parenting preschoolers

Finally completed my holiday read (title: parenting preschoolers) – the book that followed us ‘over-the-sea’! Despite the simplicity or design of the book, many great points that I wish to flip through again! This particular page (in pic) in its first chapter – got me going! So agree with the points!

I wish I could have read it before sending Noelle to school – as it did talk about transition to sending to preschool – what to expect! It just nailed it down for me! Probably before Nikki’s time, I need to re-read! 😝

Over and over again, it stresses preschoolers (below 7 yo) – shouldn’t be overly exposed academically – because of their mental abilities! It also touches on parenting different personalities, helping kids to socialize, what to talk about and etc! Most importantly, it syncs with my thinking/style! 😝🤣

**forgotten where I got the book

MPH book sales at Empire City

We anticipated a small crowd or none there, so decided to drop by after lunch (Noelle skipped her music class again this week)! And basically, there were just few people at the book fair! 

We would say the books there weren’t exactly ‘good’ (for adults, in terms of quality reads) but there are fair bit of quality Disney and Hasbro books. 

Noelle took part in two of the activities – building clay art with Faber tac it (similar to the one at MPH sales in Setia Convention months ago) and puzzle competition. 

There were 5 contestants! And we were LAST! 🤣🤣 Thankfully they still give out prizes to all participants or else we would have a whining girl!🙄🙄

I think we are building a ‘family tradition’ of frequenting book fairs/ warehouse sales! And the girls know what are expected out of them (behavior wise) when they are there!

Advantage Quest Publication warehouse sale! 

Coincidentally a friend (Rachel Ong) shared the warehouse sale post yesterday on facebook. Hubby and I are sort of ‘fans’ to this publication house – not just because they have affordable range of books but also good range of books’ topics plus interesting authors. The motivation books sold at the warehouse were not more than RM10 per book. There were some range of Disney books and children activities books that were as low as RM5. There were many designed note books sold! 

There wasn’t any crowd when we were there after lunch and before their naptime. It was located at their factory which is not too far from our place.

Meals today!

My breakfast: Oats with extra virgin coconut oil and molasses sugar + fruits
Our lunch:

Loh hon chai 

Fried red beancurd pork 

Chinese cabbage and pumpkin chicken soup 
Our dinner:

Loh hon chai

Stew chicken with carrot and potato

Long beans omelette 

Chinese cabbage and pumpkin chicken soup

MPH Bookerville Carnival Sale Mega book sales 2017

Sempena Hari Kemerdekaan, we also went out (Merdeka!!!) 

We went to MPH Bookerville Carnival Sale Mega book sales at Setia Convention Centre. We expected a small crowd, which turn out to be as such. There were many Disney and Hasbro (plus other children) books – at a rather bargain price, a lot of stationary and some toys for sale; and few children activities – which kept Noelle occupied while we took turn to look around. As for hubby, he found some value buys for self help books – not the real , real bargain though.

Faber Castell tack it activity ! 

Free balloon from clown 

Free testing with stabilo stationaries 

Free popcorn for MRC member for purchase above RM50

Lucky draw for purchase of above RM100

Holiday read: The 10 greatest gifts I give my children 

I have completed this book during our 4d3n trip to Bali! It contains a lot of reminders to parents on being involved, less authoritative and most importantly, be empathetic to the children! The one quote that caught my mind:

Quote: If you think it’s difficult to find time to listen now, I assure you that the pain of being cut off from the essence of those beautiful children when they stop talking to you will make you wish you’d found the time or the willingness to listen earlier.

And to some people who constantly ‘curse’ their offspring ‘karma’ for not spending time with them – if you feel that, you probably receiving YOUR own karma! We are in charge of our future – and thus we decide to spend our time we our kids!


Our home library 

We have a lot of books at home! Yet, they can be never enough! 
I am a bookacholic since school days! My preference moved from fictions to self motivation; and then self improvement in the workplace, yoga, cooking, pregnancy and now parenting! Not to forget, now we also have kids book in the collection too! 
It is seriously hard to depart from our books – that’s why we don’t preloved them though the likelihood of reading them again is slim! We are just hoarders! 😅
But what’s ‘great’ now is hubby’s into this ‘hoarding’ thingy with me😂😂😂 and yeah, he bought more than us! Probably when we grow old, we will sell off this antique collection.
We need more ‘hands free’ moments to finish this pile! And time to rearrange our books! 

Toddler’s version prawn noodles for my 31m6d


I have been thinking of attempting this for quite some time. And since we did an allergy test confirming that she is not allergic to shrimp, I started accumulating prawns shells, which I peeled and freeze. So, by yesterday, I have enough to make prawn noodles soup (though I have no prawn by itself for the dish :P).

Recipe (will be in detailed, please read through before posting any question, if any):

Double boiled – prawn shells, some soaked dried anchovies and onion, for 3 hours under ‘soup’ function (I left it overnight)

Let the double boiled soup to cool down a bit before blending everything (yes everything, which includes the prawns shells).

Then pour into a pot (up to you if you want to sieve it, which I didn’t). Add in few pieces of lean meat (I used pork).

While you are letting it to boil, blend 3 fresh chillis (deseeded), one bulb garlic and one big onion. Stir fry the blended ingredients with some oil until fragrant. Then transfer them into the soup. Let the soup boil for 30-45 minutes. No additional seasoning required unless you want it to be more salty, you can add salt.

Meanwhile, you can prepare stuff like hard boiled eggs, vegetables (I used romaine lettuce), noodles (I soaked mihun) and onion oil (if you like, I added it for myself).

Remove pork, let it cool down and slice.

Then blanch mihun and vegetables in hot boiling water. Topped with egg and meat. Pour on the soup. Done!

For my own version, I added some chilli padi, as it is non spicy at all.


Question on when can you feed prawns to your little one:

Just need to cook for hubby’s dinner and lunch tomorrow since my girl & I can take the leftover prawns noodles from lunch.

Simple braised soy sauce chicken with potato and shiitake mushrooms plus stir fried sawi.

Kept some remainder sauce from chicken to make kon loh mee for myself tomorrow!

Ikano’s Popular Book Fair is back – from 19 to 31 March 2013


Similar to last year, Ikano’s Popular Book Fair is back. This time round it is from 19 to 31 March 2013 in the same area. There are great bargain buys and I found two. The book “ask a parenting expert”, which usual price is RM101.95, is selling at RM22.90 and the book “The Complete Book of Breastfeeding”, which usual price is RM55.80 is selling at RM19.90. No membership card is required and I made a saving of RM114.95 (about 70% of the actual price).