Book review: Who Says by Mark Chua

Nah, I am not going back to employment (yet?). But I am checking this book out – to find out more, i.e understand WHY my hubby ‘choose’ this author Mark Chua to be his mentor (for more than a year now)! πŸ˜‚πŸ™„
Reading this book brings me down the memory lane – my working years and my bosses who have groomed me up those years. It helps me reflect my personal employment journey until the point when I decided to call it a quit. I find him having ‘similar’ financial habits and working ethics. But why then my hubby ‘adores’ this Mark?
What makes him different compared (to myself) is Mark makes his millions via property portfolio (while I personally just stopped at one property ‘at the moment’). I realise that to be able to achieve greater financial freedom is the need to acquire calculative risks. In career perspective, Mark is more willing to inspire others (which I would unlikely do).
The key takeaway of the book is be passionate (enough) in your job and committed to take right kind of actions to move forward! Mark speaks about the need to inculcate financial discipline in order to achieve financial freedom. He also offers tips on generating positive income flows from property investments.
It took me 40 minutes of my ‘me time’ yesterday to complete it (it may take longer for some who don’t have my reading speed due to lack of time). A good buy for the employed, non-employed and fresh graduates.
Another notable point is Mark adores his wife (and kids) who shares his financial journey through bad and good times. In this perspective, I will ‘pass’ Mark as my hubby’s mentor! 😝
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Review: Pelagos lemon and herbs shrimp

Lazy Monday – so just cook one dish for lunch 
Stir fry garlic, ginger and carrot in heated butter. Add in the defrosted shrimps. Stir for a minute or two before adding the seasoning plus water.
I found it a little too sweet so adjusted it with a little more water than the suggested amount. 
When opening the seasoning pack, it did smells a little artificial (like eno πŸ˜‚) but after cooking, tasted fine. 
Will be serving it with yesterday’s leftover garlic rice!

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Review: Pelagos Masala Shrimp

They are frozen prawns; packed conveniently for easy storage and ease of cooking for 2 persons (but since my hubby doesn’t eat prawn and this is a spicy dish – I cooked this for my breakfast served with bread and lunch served with rice).

It has simple instructions (see pic) on how to cook them, which comes handy for noob cooks! 

The only thing that I did not ‘follow’ – I added onions to oil before cooking the prawns. 

Not sure if my freezer is too cold, it took me more than time required (probably few minutes longer than suggested) to cook it.

Taste wise – yeah, spicy masala at finger tips! It takes few minutes for the spice to taper off my tongue (to tell you how spicy it is). The prawns are authentic (doink doink- sorry no video😝)!
In short: Worthy to give it a try! 😊

Note: This is NOT a paid advertisement but we were given samples to try!

Stew chicken with bitter gourd and Angel Brand bean paste


I haven’t bought bean paste for some time! Thank you Bidor Kwong and Vanessa Lau! 😝

I choose to use the minced paste because I couldn’t open the beans one!

Stir fry onion and garlic in oil. Then add in bitter gourd . Stir and then add water and taucu. Let it simmer and then add in chicken. Stew until chicken done!

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Spicy tau fu pok


After seeing Janice Lai ‘s post yesterday, I wanted to make it for my own lunch today but the only thing missing is mushroom powder. At first , I thought of using the free maggi vegetables (from buying sawi). Then I thought of using Angel Brand Thai style sweet chilli sauce instead! So that’s it!

Red chilli
Blanched tau fu pok
Angel brand Thai style sweet chilli sauce

Cook onion and red chilli in oil. Add in tau fu pok and the sauce. Stir and done!

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Short getaway?


A short getaway is definitely a breather for mummies, especially stay at home mums. Getting away from home for a night or two (or more) definitely helps in bringing back our sanity (be it somewhere near or far from home).


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