Our first time at Bukit Serdang Hiking Trail

Bukit Serdang Hiking Trail

Unlike the other trails we went so far, Bukit Serdang hill has fewer visible signboards; and if there are, they are in Chinese. So, we got ourselves guessing on which trail to go. We overheard (from other hikers) – one to the sunrise and another to MEX highway view. We took those trails. The one to the sunrise hill is easier (there is a dog temple and nursery at the peak) while the one to MEX highway view is steeper. On our way back to Taman U (where our car was parked) from MEX highway view, we stopped by at the little river stream. The girls enjoyed that little area most. We would probably be back for the two other trails one day.

Overall, it took us 2 hours and 10 minutes. Parking is ample at our timing and maybe because not many in town already. Or else, one has to park at Kolam Pancing Ikan Taman U and walk over. No toilet available (as far as our concern). There are alot of stray dogs around especially at the entrance of the trail. Some dogs also went up the trails. There were few monkeys in the forest. We didn’t bother them, and so they didn’t bother us.

Today Nikki is the ‘leader’ by leading us the most and she showed full of enthusiasm especially when going downhill. Noelle enjoyed the hikes until she was running out of energy (because hungry). Luckily I packed some biscuits – so we had a short break at MEX highway view peak. Hubby was the same as Noelle – he said my biscuits saved his life, or else I need to carry him down. 🙄😒Norrah went without complain and insisted on not removing her mask despite on some steeper paths (I too gave up by removing at those paths).

Photo: https://youtu.be/MDcqjUiy_-8

A morning at Pantai Telok Kemang

After a gap of 6 months, we were back at Pantai Telok Kemang this morning. Our third consecutive beach visit to the same spot- we like it here because it is less polluted compared to Sepang/Bagan Lalang (and which is nearer to home – west coast of Peninsular Malaysia). We thought of coming today before the long weekend and Hari Raya holiday – so that it would be less crowded. And because of Ramadan, fewer crowds too today.

We told the kids to wake up at 6am, which they did – had breakfast and shower; and off we went around 7am. We arrived at the beach around 8.30am. Some people were already there. Some seem to just finishing off their CSR duties – cleaning the beach. So, this morning we had a very clean beach! 😛

We spent more than two hours there; managed to find a rather shaded spot. Our initial plan was to have our picnic in the car. But since we had a good spot and fewer crowds, we decided to picnic at the beach itself. In fact, we went to another public toilet (the other end), which was cleaner (maybe because not many people) – this time they manage to get a really good wash after the play.

Norrah no longer fears the beach and the sea. 🤣🤣🤣 She doesn’t need us to hold her anymore. And she is no more OCD with the sand. 😂

Everyone had a great relaxing morning. We managed to pack curry chicken bun and some snack for dinner from Seremban on our way back. We (hubby and I) achieved our KPI by reaching home before naptime! 🤣

Video: https://youtu.be/fgpuza3R3Lc

Our visit to Selangor Fruit Valley

It has been three years or so since we were here. The place has improvised. We paid RM15 per adult and RM10 per kid for entry. We went through trams and tractors to arrive at various spots like the centre point, deer farm, rabbit farm, jetty, duck farm, Rumah kampung and nursery. When we arrived and after getting our tickets, we were given free water bottles and fruits to eat while waiting for the tram.

Despite the crowd, they have an organised system on who go on the tram (queue according to receipt number and the number on the entry tickets). But it gets a little disorganised after the rabbit farm (no longer following the queue system but on first come first system). So we have to wait a little longer especially at the Rumah Kampung. We actually thought the girls will merely enjoy the rabbit farm. But at the end, they enjoy the whole valley.

Despite it being just a half day trip, we felt like we went for a holiday somewhere far from home/outstation 🤣. We drove about an hour to the place. Also, it is our first time going on tram/tractor with groups of people.

It is open air and most people are on masks. They even checked MySejahtera vaccination status before giving entry to the car park. They have clean toilets too (at every stop, even at car park).


Deer park @ Selangor Fruit Valley

When we came here three years back, they didn’t stop the tram. This time they allowed visitors 5 minutes for feeding the deers. Long beans were sold a RM1 per pack (small bunch).


Caught fish 🤣🤣🤣 (this is a new section next to the rabbit park).

RM3 for 5 minutes catching fish (one net). But the men there were kind to let us try out more than 5 minutes. 🤣🤣

We caught:

Noelle – 2 (she had two more but escaped)

Nikki – 1

Mummy 😛 – 3 (I helped Norrah but become so addictive to fish)

So in total, we had 5 fish. They wanted to bring them back home, so we bought a plastic aquarium for RM6. I told them these fish not meant to be pet as it is meant to be fed to other fish/tortoise and also it won’t last long – since we don’t have gas tank for them (so to prepare them that it will die🙄🤣). In fact, on our way back, one already pengsan and KO! 😛😂

We also saw new born hedgehogs.


Rumah Kampung @ Selangor Fruit Valley

Instead of the man-made decoration at malls, today they get to go into a Rumah kampung/papan (though it is also man-made 🤣).

This is also the last stop where we could get our fresh coconut drinks. We found a shade under the tree and the kids had the biscuits that I brought along. There were also fried banana/nangka, but we didn’t buy. We bought guavas back home for our weekly fruit snack.

There are also chickens, fowls and goats (gated) beside the house.

Video: https://youtu.be/7LK5EjKPXzs

Going on a LRT ride

We miss doing this after more than two years. And they were so excited when we told them about the train ride.

The great thing about having a station not too far from our place (minus the daily noise 🤣 actually we are numb to the sound already), we just walked there. We took a longer ride, made a u-turn ride, went down to tapau food, took another u-turn ride before adjourning home. The two elder girls no longer can hitch on free rides 🤣🤣 – 6 years old and above has to pay a fare for it. No long wait despite it being weekend and so much spacing in the train.

I heard them saying ‘today is the best day ever!’ And Nikki said ‘You know why today is a good day? Because we drank Goodday milk!’ 🤣

I know some people who love travelling around the world, but they don’t ride on local transports 🤣🤣🤣 ok, please support local, they are not bad! <<

Good slow walk for the kids who were just vaccinated yesterday. Not much effect except for Nikki complaining feeling tired and turning cranky before going to bed last night. Today she is much better. Both say sore and tired arms. <<<

Video: https://youtu.be/wuuy-VK2AlE

Both older sisters fully vaccinated

Big sister and middle sister are fully vaccinated now!

We returned to Primer Cherang Clinic Kota Damansara 24H Emporis for the second dose, after a gap of two months. We took the last slot of the day, which is 2pm but arrived around 1.35pm.

Upon arrival, we need to scan and fill up their online Google form. Then, we were required to fill up two same forms for each kid (and that took us some time). Do remember to bring your own pen along. The staff was friendly. Since there was only few people around, the staff told me to use their table for ease of filling up the forms. This to the vaccination room took 10 minutes. We didn’t queue at all because ‘we came at the right time’! The girls were vaccinated in under 5 minutes. No 15-20 minutes monitoring at the site required as they did not have any effect on their first dose.

We were pleasantly surprised that the girls gotten two boxes of milk each (including the littlest one who hasn’t achieve her vaccination age) from Goodday Milk Malaysia after the whole process. Thank you!

Video: https://youtu.be/mKaknYPgEdM

Nikki’s FIRST prize from school

Barely a month to school, Nikki gets her first prize – as top three performers in her class – in this past one month of orientation. 😊😊😊

I am so PROUD of her. Hopefully it gives her more motivation and positivism to go to school (which she already has ALOT). I told her roughly that the prize is about adapting to class, listening to teachers, remembering messages and being a good kid.

Really good job to my chilli padi!!!! 😘😘😘

I coincidentally arrived at the RIGHT time before her class’ prize giving. So I managed to witness the prize giving at the parents’ waiting area (she is actually clueless why she got it🤣).

Video: https://youtube.com/shorts/J5wuexAUza0?feature=share

Our first visit to Bukit Jelutong Eco Community Park

Our first visit to Bukit Jelutong Eco Community Park

We have come to know about this park some months back. Finally, we made the effort to come (after all the hype about it on fb)! 🤣 The entrance is free and animal petting session (with the goats) is during the weekend from 9am to 9.45am. We managed to ‘pet’ the goats for about 20 minutes upon arrival. We then went ‘hiking’ on the steep hill, under the scorching sun. Luckily we brought our umbrellas. The hike is suitable for beginners/ kids – because it is less than 1km only (just that it is very steep). We found very nice scenery from the peak. It is sort of a resort view and such an experience for the kids.

We then hike down and the kids get to feed the ducks and geese. They are selling a container of pellets for RM5, and no bread feeding allowed.

There’s a beautiful garden towards the exit. There are many benches for visitors to rest and clean toilets too.

We parked further away (down the road) as we heard about the steep slope/drive towards the park.

we actually met the owner at the entrance when we arrived. He is such a humble man who speak to most visitors.

Photos: https://youtu.be/zLHFax2RKxY

Our first visit to Taman Saujana Hijau, Putrajaya

Our first time at Taman Saujana Hijau, Putrajaya

It is a beautiful walk in the park with many greens and few (I won’t say many) beautiful flowers along the way. It is just like we were in another country (minus the weather). 🤣 It has very nice walking path. There were three main huts to go which are the English Hut, European Hut and Oriental Hut. We only managed two huts. The English Hut was our first stop – at that point, we already bought a drink from the vending machine. 🤣 The heat today was crazy. And we took a LONG walk to the European Hut but disappointed by how run down it was. 🤣🤣 Actually without going to the huts (which are nothing special), we won’t be able to see the pretty flowers and scenery. We missed the Oriental Hut; thanks to the wrong turning we took (and too tired to re-walk again). 🙄🙄

The walk can be more pleasant if we brought umbrellas. 🥵 Actually the distance is not very far (compared to our latest hike at Setia Community trail), but the heat kills us. 🤣🤣 (we went at late morning which usually have smaller crowds)

they are renovating the car park. So parking was limited. We parked our car below the park, in front of the agama school bus stop, and walked there.

Pictures: https://youtu.be/Yv3aKUERBIo

My chilli padi’s very FIRST day to school

My chilli padi’s very FIRST day to school!


She’s certainly a brave girl who doesn’t need me to soothe her. I woke her up and she told me that she wants to shower by herself. She had her breakfast quicker than usual and she was just READY to go.

Wish you all the very best in your schooling years.

Mummy promises that I won’t reprimand you even if you flunk your P1 because what you learnt in the last six years are taught by ME! 😛🥲🤣

Photo: https://youtube.com/shorts/ilpYdhDcuVM?feature=share

Day 1:

She will have daily lunch in the park now while we wait for jeh jeh!

She was beaming when she saw me. She was one of the first to came out from class.

She has so much to tell me; cannot remember any of the teachers names that came into her class 🤣 (except her class teacher and telling me ‘all the teachers today are girls), the last teacher (period) was very funny, didn’t really make any friends today because sitting in her place all the time, went to the toilet to wash hand but cannot reach the water pipe (so she wipe her hands and sanitise), she saw her jeh jeh walking to the toilet 🤣 and waved at her (luckily jeh jeh returned the wave 🤣), one of the teachers asked if she has a sister/brother in school and she didn’t get the Covid test kit (she stressed THIS to me because I think she had phobia spitting saliva).

Nikki belongs to the RED team. I initially thought sisters will be in the same sports team. But Nikki is happier to be red THAN green team. 🤣🤣

I asked whether she misses me. She answered ‘kind of’! 🙄🤣 She has a lot more stories which we were trying to picture/figure out/ relate (because some don’t make sense🤭)! 🤣🤣 She did drawing, word search, hidden pictures and singing in class yesterday.

Actually she ain’t sitting in front of the teacher’s table but next to the door, and that’s how she noticed Noelle passed by her classroom. Ok, it sounds ‘good’ to me on her seating (not sure if it will change because she actually chose the seat herself)- better ventilation 🤣.

>> I wanted to ‘scold’ Noelle for leaving Nikki at the sanitising queue (instead of bringing her to the class queue). But then Noelle said the teacher there asked her to leave Nikki at the sanitising queue. 🤭🤣 Luckily belum scold….

In short, she had a good day!

A visit to The Farm in the City

It has been ages since we came here. I can’t even search back the latest old post on facebook! 🤣🤣 (maybe later I go dig again)

Actually The Farm in the City is having exhibition at Paradigm Mall last weekend and this weekend. I thought of bringing them there today. But few days back, hubby said he is taking leave today (FOR last day of school holiday)! Ok, then why not just go to THE farm itself! 😂😂😂 Also, today marks Nikki’s last day of homeschooling days!

We spent more than two hours there. They enjoyed many parts of the farm – but a little ‘scady’ with some parts because the goats 🐐 are so hungry! 🤣🤣🤣 (we actually realise from our many visits to the farms – goats can be the most annoying/greedy for food in the farm! 🙄🤣 They can be very smart in detecting the food bags too.)

The farm is still very well kept and they have very beautiful species still. They have quite a number of staff monitoring the different sections of the farm. The kids can’t decide which was their favourite part – because they enjoyed feeding the tortoises, petting the rabbit, catching fish and feeding the Guinea pigs and hedgehogs. All in all – we had a great time! Noelle was asking whether this a farm or zoo because it is ‘farm in the city’ and then it wrote ‘petting zoo’. 🤣🤣🤣

the farm requires visitors to have two doses of vaccinations and masks on all time when you are in there << 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Photo: https://youtu.be/FEibhvkl6cM