I survived the 7 days

I survived the 7 days….as the sole caretaker for three kids AND a Covid19 patient! 🙄🥲🤣

On Friday evening, hubby came back from home having chill and headache (the first symptom was exactly same as his first dose vaccine). He immediately stayed apart and took the Covid19 test. He was tested positive with faint second lines (he didn’t believe his eyes, tested twice). He immediately quarantined himself from everyone at home in our dedicated isolated room. On the next day, it was a clear double line. The rest is history…

> Keeping everyone safe. Though some said that getting Covid19 can boost later immunity (and don’t have to be worried about getting infected later on), sorry…I am not ready for myself and my kids to get it (intentionally). I am really fearful for Norrah as she isn’t vaccinated yet. In the week, I feel ‘staying at home’ wasn’t any safer anymore. 🤣 Luckily….hubby was away the past few days/nights before he was tested positive. He likely got it either from workplace, dining place with colleagues or the hospital which he was frequenting for physiotherapy. Or, he went somewhere without telling me?? 😒🙄(It is most likely the hospital because none of his colleagues got it.) He has hand eczema and never uses hand sanitizer (and sometimes don’t bother wiping or washing hands properly). I couldn’t pinpoint/blame this but it served as a reminder to the kids. 😛

We have minimal exposure to him during the week (except he kissed me 😒😒and luckily Norrah pushed him away whenever he wants to kiss her). We have earlier prepared the isolated room. So he quarantined immediately. We designated the outside toilet for his personal use. We put a barricade over the area. Hubby only came out to take his meals/ water/ his clothes/test kits which were placed on a stool. Everyone wears a mask in the living hall despite hubby’s in the isolated room. I kept the whole unit ventilated – keeping the wooden open at all times. Even when we slept, I kept a window (beside me) opened. Our greatest fear was passing the virus in the household. Fortunately, we PASSED!

> Keeping positive….hubby already tested positive; and we have to remain positive. We have to put up a positive front for the kids. I remained calm emotionally (almost emotionless🙄🙄) and I think hubby put up a brave front despite suffering from headache and sore throat. I told the kids that when someone falls sick, they would be particularly ‘down’. So, they have been diligently putting notes on his meals. They video called every night (despite just a room). He kept them entertained at night via the calls while I finished up the loads I have in a day. We kept each other hopeful in the week.

> Caring for the patient – hubby is not fussy at all. He eats and drinks whatever I prepared and cooked until he felt so bloated! 🤣I poured boiling water on all his used containers/bottles/utensils before I wash them. I used a separate sponge in hot soapy water. And when it is done washing, I poured hot water over them again. 🤣 His laundry – he placed them into a plastic bag. After two days, he will wash it in the washing machine and hang them himself (since washing machine just next to the isolated room). I just bring his clothes out to dry under the sun. And I tub wash the washing machine with bleach each time after wash. I only entered the toilet he was using to change mop water. He sprayed the toilet with dettol each time after use and I will sanitise each time before I ever use it. We try to avoid talking to each other face to face but via WhatsApp (anyway I got like 15-30 min sit down time every night). I read that the virus cannot last more than 72 hours on surface. So whatever it is now out of the isolated room is considered ‘ok’ as he never stepped out more than the enclosed area. I have ‘sanitised’ most of the touch points.

> Covid19 patient…I know he was feeling ‘guilty’ – kept saying sorry to me. 🙄🙄 I think he might fear I ‘disown’ him if anyone of us get the virus from him. Last year, we did joked that I will send him back to his mummy if he ever gets Covid19. 🫢🤣He was ‘positive’ that he will recover in 4 days but the persistent second line (though faded) kept showing. Then I felt he started to get ‘negative’. He said that staying in four walls can really get crazy. 🙄🙄 Then we joked about how he can now enjoy his phone, games and books without me nagging. He need not iron the clothes and vacuum the floor daily. And Noelle even commented that he was getting room service from me. 🙄🤣 Then I told him next time don’t send me flowers anymore because it seems like a SCAM to do more work. 🙄🤣 (he got positive Covid after sending me flowers in the afternoon 😒)He fear that he might get long Covid19. I told him ‘does worry help?’ 😛 This coming from someone who worries a lot. (If I am sarcastic, I will be ‘if you know today, why last time’ – translated from canto). During office hours, he continued to work, which kept him occupied. At night, he video called the girls. Other time, I am not pretty sure what he did! 🙄🤣 (I wonder if I am in quarantine, what can I do? He says maybe I will draw and paint murals in the isolated room’s wall 😂) He told me to get Lianhua Qingwen for him on Day 1 and I got him many other soothing sweets including Difflam. He had panadols on first few days.

> The kids…I try not to change their routine; just that Norrah has to follow me anywhere including school drop offs. She happily wake up early and prepare; but on the third day of school, I can see her tiredness already. I was so fearful she will fall sick. Nothing else change – we still arrive at school on time despite only having one toilet to use and the consistent morning rains. I woke them up almost the same time. The kids have been obedient and understanding; but they still get scolding from me when I was overwhelmed. 🙄 We were on our evening swimming routine and our homework session. They were always waiting for their evening video calls session with their papa (because they can play games🙄). I put them to bed 15 minutes earlier than usual. Four of us slept flip sides of the bed – head facing feet. No kissy for the week (and we dearly miss that). I continuously asked them to sanitise hand and keep mask on especially in the dining area next to the isolated room.

> Keeping my sanity – I kept myself busy with work so that time can pass fast, which it did. I told no one except KNS because I didn’t want unsolicited advice/help. 🙄🙄 And I know KNS trust that I can do it myself. I don’t want to trouble people too (I do what I can do myself) and I don’t want to be occupied with the phone messages when I was already busy. I wrote things down (THIS) to free up my mind. I cooked things that I want to eat. I kept my vitamin intake ongoing (actually just added soluble vitamin c drink; I don’t take vitamins per say except from natural food). The kids have been tolerant to me – that I told them to give me some time off, and they did.

As of today, Dr Noor Hisham (via MySejahtera) has actually released hubby’s quarantine. But I chose to keep hubby in the isolated room for another day. 🤣🤣 There’s much to do when he comes out tomorrow…..

Hopefully this is the end of the chapter!


Meals plan

Day 1

Breakfast: Kaya toast + guava + honey lemon

Lunch: Fried rice + loh hon guo

Teatime: Apple + soluble vitamin C drink

Dinner: Noodle soup with meatballs and egg +loh hon guo

Supper: Honey lemon + vegetable cracker + rice cracker

Day 2

Breakfast: Char siu pau + dragon fruit + honeydew + honey lemon

Lunch: Basmati rice + chicken soup + blanched broccoli + boiled sugar cane

Teatime: Apple + watermelon + dragon fruit + boiled sugar cane + soluble vitamin C drink

Dinner: Chicken soup noodles + blanched broccoli + tofu + boiled sugar cane

Supper: Honey lemon + Chocolate cream biscuit

Day 3

Breakfast: Ham and egg sandwich + apple + dragon fruit + honey lemon

Lunch: Salmon macaroni + loh hon guo + honey lemon

Teatime: Apple + honeydew + watermelon + loh hon guo + soluble vitamin C drink

Dinner: Basmathi rice + steamed fish with tofu + blanched Yau mak with fish cake and shiitake mushroom + loh hon guo

Extra drink: coconut water + loh hon guo

(No need supper because he was bloated by the drinks I gave him 🤣)

Day 4

Breakfast: Toast with tuna cutlet + banana + honeydew + watermelon + barley lemon

Lunch: Spaghetti with baked beans and minced pork + boiled roselle + barley lemon

Teatime: Orange + watermelon + apple + boiled roselle + soluble vitamin c drink

Dinner: Basmathi rice + blanched lettuce and mushroom in soup + honey lemon

Extra drink: Barley lemon

Day 5

Breakfast: Tau sar pau + sun melon + watermelon + boiled sugar cane

Lunch: Korean sweet potato noodles + honey lemon

Teatime: Dragon fruit + apple +soluble vitamin c drink

Dinner: Onion rice + air fried bbq chicken + vegetables and tofu soup + honey lemon

Extra drink: Boiled sugar cane

Day 6

Breakfast: Toast ham bread + apple + guava + chrysanthemum tea

Lunch: Braised yee mee + honey lemon

Teatime: Guava + dragon fruit + soluble vitamin c drink

Dinner: Basmathi rice + fried Ikan kembung + sweet peas, Yau mak, egg tofu and fish cake soup

Extra drink: chrysanthemum tea

Day 7

Breakfast: Toast bread + half boiled eggs + apple + sun melon + barley

Lunch: Fried Taiwanese sausage rice + honey lemon

Teatime: Pineapple + watermelon + soluble vitamin C drink

Dinner: Ramen soup with fishballs, egg and veggie + honey lemon

Extra drink: Boiled barley

Video: https://youtube.com/shorts/iPDsbIEHcmg?feature=share

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