Winning a trolley load of books

We woke up today with a surprise inbox message that we won a trolley full of books from Big Bad Wolf Books! 😅😅😅

The setback was we have to ’retrieve’ the prize from Seremban TODAY. Initially, I hesitated. 🙄🙄 But after a morning swim, I made up the mind to go! 🥲😬🤣 since hubby said just 45 minutes drive!

I can go myself but they wanted to follow 😛

And so we were here AGAIN!

We actually took an hour to wipe and arranged the books (plus I climbed very high to take the picture) on Friday for the entry. I told Noelle it was worth the effort! 😬

these are old books but old books don’t deteriorate in the knowledge/value they give! 🙂

Thank you BBW!


Today supposed to be a day to chill before school resume tomorrow. I woke up at 5am, thinking of so many things to do – including weekly groceries. Luckily I managed to wash one washroom before I read the winning message.

I even thought of giving away my win – trying to figure out who stays in Seremban and even thinking of asking hubby’s buddy if he is in Seremban. 🤣 The 30 minutes swim made me ‘think clearer’. And so we went.

Half way the journey, I realised that I didn’t bring my wallet. 🫣 I thought it was in my bag but it wasn’t. Then my mind went to think – did I drop my wallet yesterday? So freaking stress 🙄🥲🤣 It was like – I want to go collect my prize now and I want to go home to see if my wallet is there. (When I am stressed up, they will get snapped by me. 🫢🫣) Next, I was thinking if BBW need my Mykad. Hubby said he has my soft copy’s. (But at the end, they just look at my facebook messenger 🤣).

We arrived early and had our brunch at ‘Yi Poh’. Then since it is in Lotus Seremban, we did our weekly groceries first. I was also thinking if the message is a ‘scam’ because it was sent from a personal account and the person hasn’t reply me. So, I went and asked the staff to confirm. 🤣

After doing groceries, we were still early. I asked if we can start the haul earlier since we were coming from PJ. Luckily they agreed. We took 1.5 hours to settle the haul. I sweated so much there. 😅

We drove home immediately. I told hubby to settle the kids to nap after their shower (around 2sth) while I get the groceries done and prepared dinner (so I just took down frozen satay to air fry and decided on fried tomato rice). A total relief to find my wallet at home! 🫣🤣

By 4pm, I was finally done with the kitchen stuff. Since hubby is having backache🙄🙄, I went down to carry all the books – three big IKEA bags. Thanks to my faithful grocery trolley, I just needed two rounds. Next, it was wiping each book, which took me about an hour. In between, I told them to settle their Mandarin tuition homework and packing their school bags. (I woke the two elder ones up)

I had a 20 minutes break before started cooking dinner. We had our dinner early and finally settled by 715pm.

I think I will drop on the bed soon! 🤣🤣

But I am thankful for a ‘lifetime’ experience and hopefully a childhood memory for the kids – that we actually did a winning trolley of books together! 😚


Our winning entry:

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