Upgraded to ceiling fans

Super busy day!!!

Every year hubby sets aside some savings to upgrade our little home for the comfort of everyone. Last year we upgraded water heater for the second bathroom (which came in handy as both girls go school and need to shower at the same time).

This year, no difference. We upgraded ceiling fans for the master room and dining hall. We also changed almost all lights in the house. But this year’s upgrade is super duper exhausting. First need to set up/ arrange the things nicely. And then so much cleaning to do plus the runs to drop and pick up the girls, speeding up clean up for the master room – so that the girls can nap and Noelle can have her mandarin class, and cooking lunch plus dinner.

Norrah was a pretty good girl – helped me with lunch preparation, completing her own worksheets, playing herself and finishing up her lunch without fuss. With the mess around, I couldn’t leave Norrah alone with hubby but to bring her along during pick up. Actually she is happier to go than stay at home. 🤣🤣 When returned her, I told her to nap herself and she did!

Glad to say – all settled by dinner time! I can’t wait to drop dead in bed- cos Aunty didn’t nap and woke since 4am. 🥲

Photo: https://youtube.com/shorts/OM39a3zMHxE?feature=share

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