Hiking Bukit Sri Bintang

Our second and last hike for this Raya holiday. If not because of the moving hikers (in and out) plus cars parked along the road, we won’t know the entrance to trail. There isn’t a signboard. We followed a group of hikers to one of the entrances (there are many routes, it seems).

We started out with a steep hike down and followed by a steep hike up before we reached the first peak (a view overseeing KL Tower and sight of Merdeka 118). We made a pit stop before moving to the next peak. We constantly moved upwards on two steep trails. Not long after, we reached the other peak that oversees KLCC tower. Next, we chose the wrong trail that brought us downhill in 15 minutes (actually we didn’t know that we have arrived at the bottom of the hill until we suddenly remembered the renovating bungalow we saw upon arrival🤣). All done in an hour.

The girls especially the elder twos handled the slopes well without us holding them. The hiking that we went so far, has well trained them to be more versatile. They become more aware of each of their steps. Nikki did slipped twice because of the slippery downward slope. In fact, I slipped once too while moving up. It was rather muddy this morning as it rained in the wee hours.

There are many trails in this hill. We will most likely be back one day to reach the highest peak.

because of the steep hill (plus Norrah wanted me to hold her today), I kept my phone in the bag most of the time when hiking 🤣 so fewer photos while hiking this round. There are many mushrooms that we saw along the way.

We had shaved ice after our picnic in the car. 😛

Video: https://youtu.be/cxBnap_AVis

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