Our first time at Bukit Serdang Hiking Trail

Bukit Serdang Hiking Trail

Unlike the other trails we went so far, Bukit Serdang hill has fewer visible signboards; and if there are, they are in Chinese. So, we got ourselves guessing on which trail to go. We overheard (from other hikers) – one to the sunrise and another to MEX highway view. We took those trails. The one to the sunrise hill is easier (there is a dog temple and nursery at the peak) while the one to MEX highway view is steeper. On our way back to Taman U (where our car was parked) from MEX highway view, we stopped by at the little river stream. The girls enjoyed that little area most. We would probably be back for the two other trails one day.

Overall, it took us 2 hours and 10 minutes. Parking is ample at our timing and maybe because not many in town already. Or else, one has to park at Kolam Pancing Ikan Taman U and walk over. No toilet available (as far as our concern). There are alot of stray dogs around especially at the entrance of the trail. Some dogs also went up the trails. There were few monkeys in the forest. We didn’t bother them, and so they didn’t bother us.

Today Nikki is the ‘leader’ by leading us the most and she showed full of enthusiasm especially when going downhill. Noelle enjoyed the hikes until she was running out of energy (because hungry). Luckily I packed some biscuits – so we had a short break at MEX highway view peak. Hubby was the same as Noelle – he said my biscuits saved his life, or else I need to carry him down. 🙄😒Norrah went without complain and insisted on not removing her mask despite on some steeper paths (I too gave up by removing at those paths).

Photo: https://youtu.be/MDcqjUiy_-8

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