My chilli padi’s very FIRST day to school

My chilli padi’s very FIRST day to school!


She’s certainly a brave girl who doesn’t need me to soothe her. I woke her up and she told me that she wants to shower by herself. She had her breakfast quicker than usual and she was just READY to go.

Wish you all the very best in your schooling years.

Mummy promises that I won’t reprimand you even if you flunk your P1 because what you learnt in the last six years are taught by ME! 😛🥲🤣


Day 1:

She will have daily lunch in the park now while we wait for jeh jeh!

She was beaming when she saw me. She was one of the first to came out from class.

She has so much to tell me; cannot remember any of the teachers names that came into her class 🤣 (except her class teacher and telling me ‘all the teachers today are girls), the last teacher (period) was very funny, didn’t really make any friends today because sitting in her place all the time, went to the toilet to wash hand but cannot reach the water pipe (so she wipe her hands and sanitise), she saw her jeh jeh walking to the toilet 🤣 and waved at her (luckily jeh jeh returned the wave 🤣), one of the teachers asked if she has a sister/brother in school and she didn’t get the Covid test kit (she stressed THIS to me because I think she had phobia spitting saliva).

Nikki belongs to the RED team. I initially thought sisters will be in the same sports team. But Nikki is happier to be red THAN green team. 🤣🤣

I asked whether she misses me. She answered ‘kind of’! 🙄🤣 She has a lot more stories which we were trying to picture/figure out/ relate (because some don’t make sense🤭)! 🤣🤣 She did drawing, word search, hidden pictures and singing in class yesterday.

Actually she ain’t sitting in front of the teacher’s table but next to the door, and that’s how she noticed Noelle passed by her classroom. Ok, it sounds ‘good’ to me on her seating (not sure if it will change because she actually chose the seat herself)- better ventilation 🤣.

>> I wanted to ‘scold’ Noelle for leaving Nikki at the sanitising queue (instead of bringing her to the class queue). But then Noelle said the teacher there asked her to leave Nikki at the sanitising queue. 🤭🤣 Luckily belum scold….

In short, she had a good day!

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