PCIKids – big and mid sisters first dose

Big sister and middle sister done with their first dose Pfizer vaccination 💉

They are actually super excited to get the jab! 🙄🤣 Probably because in the year before, they heard about and saw our vaccination videos plus reading much about it.

Can you imagine Nikki was smiling, thinking about it? She even asked if she gets an injection before, which we told her she got it right after birth and her last was 2 years old.

Their next question is ‘is it pain?’ I told them I pinch them more painful than the jab. And the papa was nodding with agreement. 😒🙄

Noelle said she ‘practiced’ vaccination by pinching herself. 🙄🤣😂 I asked if she needed anyone to hold her and she said no. (I reminded her she cried during her year 1 vaccination 😛) But this round she is definitely braver and she even held Nikki’s hand while Nikki was doing her vaccination. Both overcame fear so well today. ☺️

And papa asked if mummy’s pinch more painful or the injection. Both answered simultaneously “mummy’s pincher”. 😒😒😒

We did not have to wait at all and completed in 30 minutes (inclusive of 10 minutes observation time). We went to Emporis as the ones nearer to our place haven’t got any spot left currently.

Norrah was sad because I have to leave her with papa and went with jeh jeh. 🤣

Video: https://youtube.com/shorts/s1raPheJeXo?feature=share

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