9yo and 6yo completed their first dose Covid-19 vaccination programme (PICKids)

We did not register last year or even immediately after PICKids was launched. We decided to let the JKJAV system run for a little while and also to avoid the long queue (first few days) before we did so.

So, we practically registered “my dependents’ vaccination” on MySejahtera on last Sunday (6 Feb 2022). I first removed them as dependent and re-registered them again to avoid hiccups in the system. Then I waited a day for any update and I realised that I need to fill up their health declarations at ‘Things to do’. I waited two days (9 Sept) and when there wasn’t any news, I prompted the ‘help desk’ at MySejahtera to update my dependents’ vaccinations status. On the evening itself, at about 6pm, I received a sms that the status was finally updated and I could make an appointment.

Hubby and I then went through the list of PPVs and the slots available. We actually searched by location/postcode. Our initial selected choices were fully booked or have to wait a longer date. We didn’t want to wait longer as Noelle is on Google classroom next week and hence we can monitor her at home. We finally chose Primer Cherang Clinic Kota Damansara 24H (Emporis) as we had some good reviews and it has weekend appointment (where the 4yo+ has daddy to look after).

The girls were excited for the vaccination appointment. They had an idea of what’s going to be as they have seen our vaccination videos. They were also curious of their injection experience – since they had not have a jab for a long time! 🤣

The day came and we arrived at our PPV about 30 minutes earlier and settled it within 30 minutes (inclusive the 10 minutes observation time). I like the PPV being open air. The queue was fast moving. In fact, our time slot didn’t need us to wait at all. The only setback about the location is the poor internet connection. I couldn’t scan/use my MySejahtera apps initially until my hubby connected me via Wi-Fi (which later jump started my weak network connection). The medical officer explaining to us about the potential side effects was friendly while the one vaccinated the girls were only moderately friendly (but maybe it was towards the ending of the day and she could be exhausted already).

The girls bravely face their first Covid19 vaccination process. The big sister held her middle sister’s hand when it was middle sister’s turn.

It is about four hours since they were given their first dose. They don’t feel anything at the moment. In fact, they pressed their arm and showed me that – no sore at all. 🙄🙄🤣🤣 Let’s see tomorrow.

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