Our very first hiking on a hill – Bukit Wawasan

Memories are created not just for the kids, but also for US to treasure when the kids grow up!

Actually, we never expected it to take close to 3 hours – up and down the sloppy hill. As a beginner (all five of us), I think we did a great job. We did take many intermittent rests/pauses. We gave way to many people, so as not to slow down others. We were the most disciplined in terms of keeping our masks on – and I am grateful that our kids adhere to it without complain. No one complain about the walk (maybe only hubby and I, thinking when will it end 🤣). Norrah did tell us she was tired but we just nodded at her – praising her, and so she continued! Nikki did tripped few times (she got out the dirtiest 🤣). I told Noelle hiking also involves ‘strategic thinking’, as we got to choose which path is better. We were ‘smart’ to bring two metal sticks – which both Noelle and Nikki had to help them out during the hike.

We thought we MADE it after we arrived at the peak and happily moved downwards. Unexpectedly it was another down and up slopes 😓 which took another hour. Thankfully it did not rain yesterday – making the path less slippery. The great thing is we got to see two little streams of water flowing down (really enjoyed the nature). There is also a praying altar. Some people not only left their footprints, but also burned fireworks there. 🙄😓 There’s a place to wash our shoes and hands, nearing the exit.

A super YEAH as we exited the ‘forest’! 🤣🤣 We had our packed lunch at the coconut stall right in front of the exit.

>> Appreciating the nature, doing things out of trend/norm, be different, be hands free….lifts up the mood ☺️☺️☺️ and we got through what we thought impossible #bukitwawasanpuchong

Video: https://youtu.be/ZJ3xsEhewA4

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