Vegetables from Shopee Supermarket

Before I went to sleep on Wednesday, I ordered from Shopee Supermarket (just in case I am down after vaccine). 🤣 So it came this morning just pass 8am. I thought it will come after lunch time like previously. In fact, the delivery man just left it at the lobby for collection (which is my preference 😂😂).

It actually saves alot of my time – probably half of my grocery shopping time (even though I couldn’t choose as I wish), but it creates a lot of plastic waste. 🤭🤣 I can only get vegetables only. Good enough, though (I still have meat in freezer).

So after the booster, I only had sore arm. The difference this time around – I couldn’t sleep on the first night! I had hard time trying to sleep and staying asleep. 🥲 But all is good on the second night. I slept like a log! 🤣🤣 I still could cook and wash like normal on the second day; plus brought them swimming (only they swam).

Yesterday I was rushing them to sleep. So after I came out from the toilet, I switched off the lights.

Me: Stop reading. Put away your book. Sleep now. (In hurry mode)
Noelle: Oh no….🙄🙄🙄
Me: 😒😒😒
Nikki: Oh no, mummy CRANKY already….faster …


And I saw Nikki whispering to Noelle ‘mummy got cranky because she just had her vaccine.’


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