Happy 9th year of motherhood!

On this day, 9 years ago, we went for our routine check up at the Gynae. We were caught by surprise that I need to undergo emergency c-sec because of irregular heartbeat. We didn’t choose ‘29 Dec 2012’ as THE day and we were practically ‘unready’ mentally for Noelle’s arrival.

3 years later (or 6 years ago), we actually chose THIS date eventually (29 Dec 2015) – because we HAD to be ready for Nikki since no one could look after Noelle (except hubby) and hubby (being an accountant) has books to close which means he just can’t go on leave as he wish. Despite being ready, I had to face the c-sec myself. What were unexpected is a 3-hours complication.

Fast forward today, we enter 9 years of parenthood. There are countless and priceless experiences as parents – sweet and sour, obstacles, etc. As we are walking away from ‘babyhood’ and stepping into pre-teen years, we got to admit the challenges are different. It will be another whole new experience.

In the year, I think I have become more like their ‘teacher’ than their ‘mother’. 🥲 I have to admit 2021 may not be my best motherhood year. My temper is ‘hotter’ and I became more naggy compared to all those years (so much so that when they get into ‘trouble’, they rather ask for help from their papa than me). At times, they (especially the elder two) will turn their deaf ears on me. Nevertheless, they are still very forgiving and I can still feel their love towards me.

I am not a perfect mum; but I will always try my best. There are times when I am just frustrated with myself than them; and they are not wrong in any sense.

Looking forward, I wish to improve on managing my own emotions to help me better respond to them. I wish to continue to have a good relationship with the girls and be their confidant.

Happy 9th year of motherhood to myself.


Happy 9th birthday to Noelle and Happy 6th birthday to Nikki!

Hope both of you will enjoy the ‘programme’ of the day!

We brought them out for lunch at Sushi Zanmai.

our second dine-in in 2021, and surely the last for the year 🤣🤣 because papa is going office on the next two days 🙄🙄

Photos: https://youtu.be/fgqfemnhLa0

Chocolate brownies tower and chocolate moist cake

Plus waffle ice cream for breakfast

I baked two ‘cakes’ (besides the different choices of cakes by the two sisters, it is also just in case one of them fail 🤭🙄🤣; if two also fail, plan C – go buy😛). I started baking the afternoon/ evening before.

I cut and decorated the brownies tower in the morning while I let them deco the chocolate moist cake themselves (part of the birthday programme 😂). My chocolate ganache failed after I put it back into the fridge after I whipped it. It hardens. 🥲🤣 We settled just with some minimal deco.

I woke up in the wee hours (two nights consecutively) to DIY from scratch and set up the minimal decorations.

Photos: https://youtube.com/shorts/X44sprsDPpM?feature=share

This year, Noelle and Nikki prepared a little note and gift for everyone else (who is not celebrating birthday today and ‘attend’ their party). 🤣🤣🤣

Papa was in charge to write them a note on their birthday gifts too.

I prepared ‘door gift’ for them three 🤣🤣so that Norrah doesn’t feel left out. She is much more accepting this year that she ain’t receiving a birthday gift because it isn’t her birthday. Only when I took out Aunty Rachel Ong’s pressies for the jeh jehs (which she gave far back in August 🙄🤣), Norrah did pondered and asked me ‘how about me?’. I explained to her that during August, she received hers (which is THAT thing) in which her jeh jehs didn’t receive any that time. She nodded and agreed. Oh, my baby girl has grown up! 😘

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