From F to A

Something worth mentioning, when Noelle just started primary school, she totally ‘failed’ her BM. She was a blurry sotong when it comes to speaking in Malay. In fact, during parents-teacher meet in that year, her teacher told us that she needs to translate to English for Noelle.

That was two years back….

And within two years especially this year. Noelle has improved tremendously (though there are many more space for improvements). She actually scored an A for BM (She actually knew it yesterday when her teacher mentioned that only four students in her class get an A for BM. She wasn’t sure if her name was mentioned wrongly. She told me she won’t be sure until she sees the exam paper – which she did today. She scored 83!😂).

Her improvement is largely contributed by a very good BM teacher she has this year (who is also her class teacher).

I know how good her teacher is because I sat with Noelle in most of her BM online classes this year 😂 and I learnt too. I got to admit the BM syllabus for year 3 is kinda difficult (from pemahaman to tatabahasa and karangan🙄). Sometimes or maybe I always have to Google for a better understanding and explanation to her.

Noelle has been in PDPR for 6 months plus. And this can definitely debunk thoughts that online studies doesn’t work. It really depends on whether the students want to work on it. In addition, we didn’t know that there will be a ‘test’ at the year end – so this is nothing to do with ‘last minute’ study.

Also, this year, she took up this habit/challenge of reading a short BM story a day. It somehow helped.

To Noelle, this is just the beginning. You are doing better this year and I hope you will continue with your effort. Remember that it is not about being better than anyone; but being a better YOU each year. Well done to you! 😘

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