Our 10th wedding anniversary

It was our wedding day a DECADE ago.

A decade equivalent to 10 years of really living together and building a family. It is a long journey with joy and of course sorrow as well for two person with similarities cum differences. To be frank, I am NOT an easy person to be with. 🙄😛 And, he has a lot of habits that pisses me off. 🤣

A lot of things have changed over the years. But what binds us together besides our kids are our tolerance with one another (ok, I have to admit lately he tolerates me more than I do🙄🙄).

It is not the number of times/hours that he allocate for our ‘we time’ (which is practically nil🤣), but the time he chooses to be around us (our kids and I) than doing his self-interest stuff/hobbies. And that matters to me more than ‘we time’. Because – he knows that we have no one to trust with our kids and I can’t go having ‘we time’ with peace without kids attaching along.

Referring to my FB memories, in the past few years, there wasn’t much mentioned about wedding anniversaries but this year worth the mention as – much was planned than expected. 🤭😛🤣

Thank you for the ‘Happy Bunch’ vegetables prank yesterday, the gift this morning, our first outdoor dine-in lunch just now and later’s dinner😋.

Happy 10th wedding anniversary, lao gong! 😛🤣

>> Photos: https://youtube.com/shorts/S4vMNxGgy5E?feature=share

Our FIRST dine-in in 2021 (and probably the last too🤣), after more than a year plus

(Last dine in: 17.08.2020)

To satisfy mummy’s criteria outdoor dining: Jibby in the Park 😂

Photo – People comes before food 😛

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