First Covid19 self-test

Noelle’s first Covid test

We woke up with message that her school’s headmistress got Covid. 😓😓😥😥 Although the headmistress has been ‘alone’ most of the time in her room and her staff tested negative (as for now), to keep our mind at peace, we told Noelle to take THE test too. (She told me almost each day the students will walk pass by the headmistress when entering class.🙄🙄) Also, self-testing would be a norm in the future – so Noelle is the ‘lab rat’ for our family. 😂

And phew….it’s negative!


>> Everyone has their different approaches in their ‘opening’ to the lockdown. In our family, we still remain as a cluster of 5. We do go out – mostly to outdoors. We haven’t dine in and we don’t do social gathering even a small one. This is important to us as our kids are not protected with vaccine.

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