Cave Villa @ Batu Caves

Besides climbing the steep flight of 272 steps, we visited Cave Villa (which is right beside Bath Caves) accidentally. It charges local RM5 per adult entry. We only paid for 3 persons. Never in our life we saw so many peacocks 🦚 (not even in KL bird park). And they are very beautiful and happily open up their beautiful feathers. There’s a small section of farm animals – like goose, ducks, chickens, rabbits and even iguana. But no feeding (I think if they allow feeding, we won’t dare also because the monkeys would probably come over and snatch the food). Peacocks are free to roam but this also mean that we had to be more careful of not stepping onto poop (which Noelle did 🤭🤣).

Besides the little animals, there are caves decorated with a large variety of statues. For the kids, it was eye opening as they get to have an idea about others’ religion. There is also a zig-zag walkway on the pond. We spent about 30 minutes in Cave Villa, similar time spent walking up and coming down the steep steps.


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