Our maiden visit to Kebun-kebun Bangsar

We have heard about this farm since pre-covid and didn’t have a chance to visit it. So, we decided to give it a try. 🤣

It’s located in Bangsar 🤣, smacked in between the big landed houses (ok, as neighbours, I understand why they protest the farm location but as a visitor, we like it very much🤭😆). The farm animals – chicken, turkey, peacock, sheep – are free to roam. Rabbits and goose are caged – but free to feed. Further in, there’s their vegetables farm and some cow (tied) over the hill. They have special pathway for us to walk (and everyone is left unattended and free entry, even animals feed – we get it from the front desk and leave our monies there). No vegetable sale today. They also created special spots for photo sessions.

We spent one and half hour there. The rabbits were less hungry compared to Rabbit Fun Land but Norrah found her new love for sheep. She was the first bravest one (of course after i showed her how to) who put the feed on her palms to feed the sheep.

Video: https://youtu.be/EKefAoa0Jo4

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