Back to school!

Noelle goes back to school.

After six months lapse of psychical schooling, she’s back to school today. Not a difficult and not a simple decision 🤣 (what am I talking?)

Learning wise, I don’t think she drops out even if I continue to keep her at home. She has been consistent and discipline in her virtual learning so far.

But she needs more morale and emotional support from teachers and friends; plus an environment out of home (without her family members). School is essential for her to build self-independence and socialise; not pure education.

She does keep in contact with her bff. They are separated into different grouping, Noelle says she still wants to go to school despite knowing last week that her BFF didn’t go school. Some how I am happy that she isn’t into peer pressure.

We have done all measures to keep everyone safe so far. We don’t dine in, gathering nor get into confined places for extended time. We have been following SOP. School and office (for papa) would be an ‘essential’ to us. Like KNS (why always you? 😛) says, we can’t hold the ‘guilt’ forever if anytime one of us at home is affected by the virus.

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