Release the burden

The month of October 2021 has been really the month of decluttering. It is not merely decluttering things that we no longer use; but also those ‘sentimental’ stuff – like given by some people. In the past, I have been holding these stuff because I felt ‘obligated’ to keep it – but after decluttering it, I do feel the ‘lightness’ (no more burden) of not having them anymore. In short, I feel – I don’t ‘owe’ anyone anything from those gifts.

For example, grandmother leaves kitchen utensils to the children. But the children just pass it on to the kids (meaning grandchildren). Some (grandchildren) may feel it a waste to throw and continue keeping it – although it may not be used at all. At the end, there’s lack of storage place and they can’t even buy new kitchen utensils that they want to own. But at the same time, the children (especially the wealthy ones) that passed down the items to the grandchildren – continue to buy utensils that they want without this burden.

I learn that the idea of inheriting ‘materials’ to our kids (or future generation) is just a BURDEN. This is to remind myself not to keep stuff that I think the kids may like but at the end it is just a burden. Living a minimalist life before we leave the world is one of the best things to do for our children.

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