Early homeschool graduation

Blessing in disguise, I got to thank Mr C19 or I won’t have the opportunity to homeschool Nikki up till today.

It wasn’t ‘challenging’ but rather ‘anxious’ every moment thinking if we were heading the right direction. But time and Nikki proves that we are doing good. She probably won’t score A when she enters primary school; but she will definitely able to catch up and that is what matters. 🥰

Thank you Nikki for enduring your ‘panas baran’ mummy, who will at times use unkind words 🙄😖🥺 to you. I am very proud of you for every little milestone you have shown. Hope you will excel in everything you do.

I wanted to say ‘hope you achieve your dreams’ but I stopped myself because Nikki is always ‘dreaming’🙄🤣

Today macam graduation 👩‍🎓 day for Nikki but she still have till end Feb to ‘suffer’ with me, ok? 🤣 And we actually wanted to take a decent picture of her because her papa needs to crop a picture of her to make a passport size photo for her primary school registration. 😂😂😂

Photos: https://youtu.be/lvtXUnnSx6k

Homeschooling Nikki brought the sisters closer! And the sisters have been the pillar to Nikki.

Big sister Noelle has been a role model and always reminding Nikki to complete her daily activity sheets. Noelle also enjoys challenging Nikki with questions. Nikki has been motivated to learn because she wants to be a ‘teacher’ to Norrah.


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