Rolled up my sleeves today

I have actually signed up for vaccine since it was launched on MySejahtera. Then came the option for AZ vaccine two months back.

Honestly, I was hesitant to sign up for AZ – not because I was picky of the choice of vaccine; but doing so, it might mean ‘cutting’ the queue to those who really needs to get vaccinated (given that most of the times we are just staying at home), and if I was selected for the AZ, I need to travel ‘extra miles’ from home (compared to the centres nearer to home because being away from home for a longer time is a ‘big’ thing for me). I was also thinking if following the MySejahtera queue will get me vaccinated faster than the opt-in programme. 🙄😂

When in doubt….talk to a friend 🤣
So, I voiced my concerns to KNS. And she got ‘mad’ at me – and touched my ‘weakness point’ – ‘protect your kids!’ (I don’t go to work but I am the frontliner of the family somehow as I solely go out to get groceries if required most of the time. Though being vaccinated does not mean not carrying the virus back, being vaccinated will reduce the severity of its effect if it happens.) Plus, she reminded me that our government is so messy at this point – who knows in the near future, they just run out of money and no longer can give us vaccine before it actually reaches ‘my turn on MySejahtera’.

Next, discussed with hubby and we collectively agreed to ‘try luck’. The day of signing up was ‘entertaining’. Initially, we were picky on the dates – given that we need to take turn to look after the kids. My hubby even looked at his work calendar 🙄and see if he can take off 😒; while I busy looking at Noelle’s school timetable🤭🤣. But later on we gave up on looking at the calendar altogether😂 – we just try clicking any dates available. Amidst all the struggles to sign up, we failed miserably – though we did manage to get into the calendar (just not clickable or clickable but ‘full’). Despite the failure, we were ‘entertained’ for one-and-half hours. 🤣 I actually felt relief initially after the process is over though we never got it. 🤭🙄

One of the lucky ones
So, the next day, we checked our MySejahtera and I found out that I got a ‘date’, and it is today (30.06.2021)! That was a slightly more than a month wait. (Hubby only got his confirmed date a day later🤣.)

A week before vaccine
I can tell you I am nervous; not because I am afraid of injections (injection is nothing ok? I went under the knife three times already🙄🙄🤣🤣) but ‘venturing out’ alone after a long while at home🤭🤣. I think I had pre-vaccine syndrome🙄🙄, I was slightly unwell the week before. Hubby also prohibited me from going out for grocery shopping a week plus (10 days exactly) from the vaccine date, to make sure MySejahtera stays clear. I told the kids that I will be going out for a vaccine. They are pretty curious on what’s going on. So, they re-watched Dr Binocs Show about covid19 vaccination. I brief them on how long I will be away and told them to carry on, like usual days.

This morning
Thankfully, Noelle only has one virtual class on Wednesday and the subject is English which she can handle by herself without much difficulty (plus the teacher is pretty strict🤣). I was pretty gan cheong – and lucky to have an early morning slot; so I can settle as soon as possible. Everything went on smoothly and I got my first dose in less than an hour upon arrival. I was required to stay 30 minutes for observation instead of 15 minutes because I am allergic to one medicine. It has been a long time since I drove myself to KL. I didn’t miss any turnings on the way there but miss few turnings 🤭 while coming home – so took a longer route back 🤣.

As of now, I do feel metal taste 👅 (I got the effect almost after I left the vaccine centre)- something like morning sickness. 🙄🙄

There are risks in both choices on whether to take or not take the vaccine. I have made my choice.

“The risks are far greater to you of not getting not immunised than any kind of speculative potential relationship between the vaccine and its side effects.”

The vaccines we are having now is from 1st generation. Vaccine will lessen the effects of covid19 on our organs but all depends how your body can cope. With the current strain, the current vaccines are not able to stop us from. So we still need to follow strict SOP. It is not a passport for us to do gathering, parties or travel. As mentioned, being vaccinated does not mean not carrying the virus back, but it will reduce the severity of its effect if it happens.

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