Every little success is progress

The best part of ‘homeschooling’ is that it allows me to teach to my daughters about strengths, and NOT their weaknesses.

And many folks out still do not think so. They tend to push children to work harder in the subjects where the children are weak. While they don’t expect adults to be equally good at everything, they do expect that of children.

Instead we should help them excel in their strongest subjects/interests, and just get them passable in the rest. THAT has become my guiding principle.

a little story of how a person become judgmental over my kid’s weaknesses to strength <<

I shared a video (here: https://youtube.com/shorts/sEKqP2nGDqU?feature=share) about my eldest performing her self-recorded Mandarin assignment on my personal FB account. I am very proud with her self-confidence and independence for doing so without my help. I took that as pride but a person started to bombard my less-than-9-years-old about the proficiency in Mandarin. 🙄🙄 (we don’t speak Mandarin at home).

While the person has every right to put her comment, it really tells where some people are headed to in helping kids progress. She pinpointed how the ‘teacher’ should have guided the kid BUT she didn’t realize that it was an assignment that my kid needs to hand in (before she could be corrected). How do kids improve without making mistakes? Why did she chose to look at weaknesses over progress? Did the person expect my kid to be perfect in everything? I didn’t pour all these onto her ‘face’ because I prefer saving my energy on other good vibes. But it is a perfect reminder on how the society is shaped to believe that children ‘should be’ educated in only one way.

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