Mud crab meal

Not being able to travel or even get out of the home, we ‘travel’ (aka indulge) through food! 🤣 Our first time really eating mud crab 🦀 as a family. The kids very first time – they only ate flower crab before and of course, imitation crab.

Thanks to the recommendation by the Queen of Crab 🤣 (please self-identify ya), we managed to order from a PLC restaurant – peng, leng, ceng (cheap, nice, yummy 🤤). She also recommended the best flavour for kids! 🤣

At the end, we ordered creamy butter flavour and chilli flavour. Both weren’t spicy (hubby requested them to exclude chilli padi).

Initially, I thought the kids won’t be interested but both Noelle and Nikki enjoyed it so much. Norrah won’t try and only ate fried rice 🙄 (very hard to lure her to food. I even tried giving her Ribena pastilles to her – which she didn’t want to try. 🙄🤣 I think she only can be lured through ice-cream).

Raised in Klang, besides BKT, I used to eat crab quite often. It brought back memories especially with the chilli crab. But at the end, I still prefer the creamy butter crab! 🤣 I haven’t really eaten crab with hubby until today and I noticed he is so slow in digging the flesh out while he calls me an ‘expert’ in doing so! 🙄🤣 (maybe because he is kinda OCD🤭 or gentle with the crab 🤣)

There’s no special occasion for this dining! 🤣🤣 We even tried figuring out an occasion and then we noticed that today is Dumpling Festival. So, we were celebrating Dumpling Festival with crab instead of dumpling. 🤣


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