Diary in the making

Yesterday evening I gave Noelle a new notebook and she decided to turn it into a diary just like Dork Diaries. She says she is writing about her life 🙄🤣. So today she has been spending her free time writing in it. While she told Nikki that it is secret, when I asked if I could read it – she permits me. 😂

It is indeed her daily life with her sisters/family. I am happy that she is trying to write and improve herself. And she follows Dork Diaries’ style with pictures drawn in between and the way the author signs in/off. I hope this is not a ‘3 minute body heat’ activity. 😂

Sharing the preview here 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 it is exactly what they did yesterday. <https://youtube.com/shorts/Uwaw6yMmDZs?feature=share&gt;

For the exact preview: https://www.facebook.com/105177988378032/posts/129331025962728/?d=n

Anyone willing to pay to read her ‘book’?

😝🤣 just kidding……her loyal fans are of course hubby and I! 🥰🥰🥰 (plus her sister Nikki who asked me to read out loud for her) I am also loving the way she expresses herself!

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