Homeschooler’s time table (6yo academic year)

Nikki’s weekdays timetable

7.30 am – 8 am: Wakey, breakfast and shower
8 am – 9 am: Art
9 am – 11 am: Writing and counting (she snacks and drinks in between 🙄)
11 am – 1pm: Free play, lunch
1pm – 1.10pm: Play piano
1.10pm – 2.30pm: Free play, listen to jeh jeh’s story
2.30pm – 4.30pm: Naptime (sometimes she skips, but she plays herself)
4.30pm – 5.30pm: Mandarin writing, reading
5.30pm – 7pm: Free play, exercise
7pm – 8pm: Dinner, shower
8pm – 10pm: Youtube time, family games, night snack
10pm: Wash up and go to bed

Generally, I think kids (particularly mine) pretty like routine. When they get into routine, we don’t have to nudge them. They will just get into the mode of doing.

Nikki is currently ‘happy’ with this routine on weekdays. This five days routine also gives her an idea of the difference between weekdays and weekend (despite not getting out of the home).

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