Slime trouble

Ok, don’t laugh ya…you might not know if you need this emergency hack 🤭🤣 When this happened, I immediately thought of Phoebe Wong’s son, months back! So, this is ‘Caring is sharing’ post! 😂

It happened right after I did laundry. I saw the slime sticking at Norrah’s hair. 🙄🙄 Immediately, the one got it from me was Noelle – because she was trying several stunt and the sisters followed! 😒

Split second, Phoebe’s post came into mind. Apply corn flour on Norrah’s head. Then shower her (she said she doesn’t want to play already). I even hair conditioned her. Came out silk and smooth! Phew…..🤣🤣


Bought new slime kits

After several failed attempts of making slime at home, I finally got them the slime KITS (instead of instant slime)! 🤭😂 I am very lazy to experiment already. But they are excited in making the slime.

The slime kits arrived yesterday and I told them they can only play with it after today’s school work and worksheet. And guess what, they woke up before 7am, shower, ate breakfast and started working on their worksheets before 8 am (before even I had time to sit down to have my breakfast🙄🙄). Hubby says today they are as excited as going for a holiday! 😂 And he asked me not to do it again – as he hasn’t get to enjoy his morning me time and everyone already kacau him! 😂


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