The metamorphosis of caterpillar 🐛 to butterfly 🦋

Since MCO, we were ‘gifted’ by nature four caterpillars. Only three managed to metaphor to butterflies. This (in the video) is the third one, which we picked from our balcony garden – to be specific from our lime tree – two weeks back.

My kids really enjoy the experience of watching the transformation from caterpillar (larva) to pupa and to butterfly. It taught them patience and how to enjoy ‘nature’ – despite just staying at home (especially during MCO). This also coincides with my Year 2 kid’s Science work in school – lifecycle; which mean she really had a first hand experience (in fact, when she got back to school, she even told her Science teacher about it😁😁).

I, myself, also learn quite a bit from these metamorphosis (I don’t remember myself experiencing this before). I learn that:

  • butterflies actually like laying eggs on lime trees
  • caterpillars only eat leaves from the original plant 🌱
  • we can’t pick and keep a ‘too’ young caterpillar (dirty green), but leave it to a little bigger (bright green) – that’s the reason the third caterpillar die
  • don’t touch the caterpillar’s body, but pick it using leaves or branches
  • keep the caterpillar’s ‘home’ damp by wet tissue and need to clean up its poops (for the first three days especially) – this actually taught my kids a little responsibility
  • the caterpillar’s home needs a little branch so that it can weave its cocoon
  • when the larva turns into a pupa, it just requires us to change the wet tissue to maintain the dampness (no more poop, thereafter)
  • after the butterfly emerges (from our experience, it takes approximately a week for a pupa to turn into butterfly), it needs some time to learn to fly before we release it

Enjoy the video!

just sharing our experience <<


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