Ambition: Chef

Title: My ambition

Last week, she mentioned that she wanted to be a ‘guru’ in her BM work! Then this morning I gave her this title but reminded her that we can change our ambition over time. Unexpectedly, she changed her mind TODAY! 🙄🙄 And she told me she wanted to be a ‘chef’ instead! 🤭🙄🤣 So, this is what she wrote (with my assistance, of course). >> I really didn’t know she loves cooking THAT much! 🤣

I told her to paste this in her booklet about herself and her sisters which she did few months back; will be funny to read this back when she grows up! 🤣

I am getting her into this habit of writing at least once a week because this not only improve her writing and spelling; but I wish to understand her more and help her express herself.

We did a lot of cooking and baking since MCO; and here are some videos:

Making lava cake:

Making burger:

Making oat cookies:

Stir fry macaroni:

Another day of stir fry macaroni:

I told Noelle that she probably can only cook today because the rest of the weekdays I have already prepared food in the freezer (even if water supply continues – stay positive 🙄🤣).

So today she decides with stir fry macaroni!

Black pepper udon:

Petola goreng telur:

Minced pork with potato and sweet peas:

Chef 👩‍🍳 Noelle with her minced pork 🐖 with potato 🥔 and apple 🍎

I am actually counting down the days before she returns to school 😕. And I bet from that time onwards, there would be less cooking activity with her. 🙁 (I didn’t do much cooking with her during the first two months; more on arts and craft 😂 – how we evolved!) Trying to make the best of the time left before school starts!

Fried rice: and

Papa is working from home today. So, Noelle wanted to cook the fried rice again for him ‘to try’. We doubled up the ingredients – and with that, she also learnt multiplication and fraction from this cooking activity.

I told hubby that next time when I go ‘me time’; I could just leave them with him without actually cooking lunch. Noelle can settle it! 🤣🤣 He just has to be her sous chef and monitor the cooking session. She knows the kitchen better than him now! 😂😂

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