Potty trained no3

We have been potty training Norrah since before the MCO days but ‘aggressively’ did so during the MCO days – as we are at home. She has been diaperless during daytime. After a month, she still showed no progress! 🙄 She has been peeing on the floor most of the time. She did pee in the potty twice – but that was it!

BUT this week as we step into Phase 4 of MCO, she starts to show some progress. She started to show us signs; and we managed to bring her to the potty to pee. She even pooped once in the potty. I think she finally managed her fear of pee and poop in the potty. Today, instead of just me asking her to go to the potty, she told me she wanted to pee. She did it not once or twice but four times! 😁😁 We put her on diaper during nap; but when she woke up and wanted to pee, she told me to bring her to the potty! So proud of her – everyone at home cheer so loud for her! Noelle even helped throw the pee into the toilet bowl and washed the potty! 🤣

As per promised, we rewarded her with the Mickey Mouse ice cream! 😁😁 When she pooped in the potty the other day, her sisters also get it. But this ice cream came in a box of four. Today only Norrah gets this ice cream as we only had one left in the freezer. And she deserves it!

Hopefully she will retire from diaper by the time she turns 3 years old! And this will be her MCO days milestone/achievement! 😘😘

amongst the three, it was the most challenging to potty train Norrah! 🙄🤭 At 31+mo, both Noelle and Nikki have already been day time potty trained with Nikki graduated from diaper completely!

Video: https://youtu.be/cnEUwrqg9o4

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