6th year as SAHM

Today marks my 6th year turning a stay at home mum (sahm), which also mean we have been single income for 6 years! This article really read my mind or whatever we have been doing. It is not an easy journey; but achievable. <here>

Seriously I can’t take it that one moans about how lucky I could be a sahm but they might not even think on how minimalist we have to be at times. If I am still working, probably….I could have a helper by now, more me time (better lunch), more wide ranging wardrobe, better travels, more ‘luxurious’ food, probably a new car, my kids will have ‘better’ toys and etc….BUT I am (not sure about my hubby) contented with what I have. I am glad that I am THE one to first witness the many milestones of my kids and able to be with them when they need me most.

Cheers to myself!

>> I know it is still a long journey; and each phase will lead to more challenging moments!

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