Happy New Year!

Usually I speak about my kids; but I would love to list down some of my personal ‘achievements’ in 2019:

> On a daily basis – I have prepared recess box for Noelle and picked her up from school with the two girls tagging along. This is definitely a different ‘ball game’ compared to preschool.

> I have managed my anxiety (since Noelle started P1) and learn to let go by September. And I have given up drinking kefir by then.

> I have taken up Zumba as daily exercise (at home) after few sessions in Noelle’s school. My aim is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and taking good care of myself.

> I have learn how to make noodles (and still doing so on daily/weekly basis)! Not that I enjoy it, but my hubby bought the machine without my knowledge! 🙄

> I have been giving my kids (especially Noelle) more ‘philosophical’ talks in life. We share a lot with one another – more like friends than parent-kid. While I love them a lot, I do punish them when they misbehaved. But I have toned down a lot with Nikki.

> I have removed many toxic people from my facebook (and life) entirely. I think my social circle has also narrowed because I have become more selective on who becomes part of it. In fact, on a daily basis, I think the people who I talk to are only my kids! 🤭

> I continued to be self-reliant and manage most things myself during absence of my hubby (at work or during his social activities).

> In a span of 7 months of joining facebook online contests, I won about 35 giveaways!

I am more or less just like myself in the beginning of 2019; but I think I have become more ignorant (one eye and one ear close most of the time) but not ‘stupid 🙄. Moving forward in 2020, I hope I can be more courageous to do things that I really want to do!

Happy New Year 🥳 to all! 😘

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