PJKita Community Library

Last library hopping for 2019!

PJKita Community Library

A rather small and cosy library, more for the neighbourhood. I think it was quite good an initiative, but then ‘misused’ by some kids. The books there are quite new because the library was set up just few years back. They have toys there too. Both Norrah and Nikki had more fun here because of the toys while Noelle got distracted by toys – so she just read 5 short stories there in our 1.5 hours stay there.

Scenes in the community library – honestly the kids were treating the library like their own home.

At one point of time, while the three girls were playing with the big Lego, a group of rather rowdy boys (youngest probably younger than Nikki) came and stood there like ‘gangster’ – demanding the girls to move aside. Since the girls have been playing for some time already, I told Noelle to just read her books and let them play instead. She did as told and the two younger ones played with the smaller lego.

There were also two teenagers watching after the younger boys but they were playing their phones. However, they turned their phone volume so loud, that it was so distracting. Straight forward, I told them off that this is a library and they should lower down the volume. I was given a nasty look; so I gave them back a kns look! 😒🙄

In between looking after the two, I turned to Noelle as she was reading to me and in moment, Nikki cried! 😒 She told me the (same size as Nikki) boy ‘touched’ her! 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄 I told her no need to cry but tell the boy not to touch her – while at the same time, my kns face turned on! 😒😒😒 (sorry, I couldn’t be more patience with other kids – who disturb my kids and my peace).

After a while, they left! But one thing they did rightfully was that they know how to put back the toys that they played with. Thereafter, we had more peace time. I even taught Noelle how to play congkak. We left before 12pm; so that we can be home for lunch (though I went to tapau)!

Photo: <here>

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